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“Home is where the heart is” A good home and living condition has a positive effect on the mood of people living in it. India’s heritage, with a blend of diverse subcultures, is amongst the oldest in the world. The diverse traditions and rich ethnicity reflected in the plethora of handcrafted traditional home décor and utility products made by artisans. The integration and migration of people have also seen the intermingling of workmanship. From the rich traditional woodwork and pottery of North India to the Jute and bamboo craft of West Bengal, brass “kansaris” of Rajasthan and the stones - sandalwood carving of South India, the demography of the country has imparted a composite flavour of handcrafted products for your home and lifestyle.

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Unisex Aromatic Azeemah Fragrance

Rs. 700.00

Blossom Carnival Round Terracotta Pot

Rs. 210.00

Pencil Shape Earthen Handcrafted Pot

Rs. 465.00

Abstract Symmetry Terracotta Pot

Rs. 245.00

Earthen Book Terracotta Pot

Rs. 335.00

Contemporary Square Terracotta Pot

Rs. 365.00

Aromatic Sanket And Utsav Fragrance Combo

Rs. 1,120.00

Plain Brass Traditional Kalash (5 Inches)

Rs. 945.00

Buddha In Meditation Brass Colourful Idol

Rs. 1,945.00

Long Handle Kapoor Aarti Brass Diya (8 Inches)

Rs. 330.00

Engraved Bangla Brass Deep (8 cm / 3 Inches)

Rs. 165.00

Sublime Rudrakshi Brass Deep (25 cm / 10 Inches)

Rs. 910.00

How can we decorate a home in a budget-friendly way?

People often want to decorate their homes and make them Insta-worthy. But, the efforts and money one has to put into it can turn out to be extremely overwhelming. It is always advised to go one room at a time so that it won't feel heavy on your budget. Below are some of the very simple and budget-friendly home decor ideas to revamp your space:

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  • Show off your home accessories collection: Your home decor accessories are a perfect choice of display in your spacious and open home space. You can display your vintage and quirky home decor collections. Nowadays, you can even buy home accessories online at We have a wide range of home decor items like Torans, Terracotta pots, idols & Figurines, Buddha idols, Picture Frames, brass diyas, Krishna idols etc that can add charm to your home living space. 

  • Use a splash of colours: Let the colours you choose for your home decor be the reflection of your personality. If you aren't sure which colour you want to go with, be sure to fetch colour options through various sources. There are a plethora of colour options that you can explore in your home living space.  

  • Use big statement home decor accessories: You can either add a big piece of canvas art on your wall or a fancy big vase in the living corner or a fancy sitting chair. Pick any big statement home decor accessories from that will add a rich and classy feel to your home living decor.
  • What are the elements of interior design in your home?

    Seven is considered to be a magic number when it comes to interior designing. If you are stuck in finding how to go about decorating your home then you should look at these seven elements of interior designing for creative inspiration. Here are seven key elements of interior designing in your home: 

    • Colour: Color is more than just an aesthetic choice, it can be a reflection of your personality and mood. Think about your visual preferences and the kind of attitude you want to cultivate when deciding on the colour scheme of your living space.  
    • Form: Form is simply yet another term for shape. Use the shape of your artwork, furniture or any object that expresses your chosen form or shape. You can either use organic forms like natural, irregular, curvy shapes or geometric forms like sharp shapes and man-made squares and triangles.
    • Light: Most of you already know that lighting has the power to affect our perception. Therefore, quality lighting is always considered an integral part of any space. Whether the lighting is natural or man-made, it's always essential to wisely choose the lighting for a good interior designed home.
    • Line: You should consider lines as the perimeter around any shape or form while doing your house decor. If you have to draw any object in the room, use different lines to depict the outline.  Think of line as the perimeter around a form or shape. If you design horizontal lines, they create the feeling of security whereas the vertical lines express boldness. 
    • Pattern: A pattern is something that has the intentional repetition of various forms, lines or other designs. Patterns usually are displayed on wallpaper or fabric but can be even used while you are doing your house decor. Be sure to use patterns and prints that add motion and life to your living space. You can find various house decor accessories online at that would add liveliness to your space. 
    • Texture: Careful consideration should be given while choosing various textures for your living space. It is one of the most important parts while interior decorating your home. Be sure to have a perfect and comfortable texture for your home floor and roof.  
    • Space: Space is essentially important while interior designing your home. Consider two basic types of space that are 2D and 3D spaces. It is also important to leave some empty spaces to offer easy navigation in your home living space. 

    What is the new home decorating trend for 2021?

    There are numerous new home decorating trends for 2021. Right from naval blue hues to light woods used, the new home decorating trends have evolved so much. You can even use sustainable modern designs that are totally in the latest trends of home decorating for 2021. Big statement pieces are another latest trend that is totally in full swing in 2021. Don't forget to add some face line graphic art that is a buzzing design trend this year. You can find all of these statement pieces and graphic arts at at the best prices. You just can't miss this new display of home accessory that will revive your interiors. Nowadays, in 2021 Neutral colours are considered to be ideal colours for drawing a more intimate and welcoming environment to your living area. 

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