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Holi Gujiya & Sweets

The festival of Holi brings with itself fun, happiness and meeting loved ones. To add icing to the celebrations, Holi Gujiya and sweets play a very important role. The crisp and flavoursome gujiyas filled with khoya and dryfruits, dipped in sugar syrup elates the mood of the festival. Along with the traditional gujiyas, the plethora of variety offered like chocolate dipped gujiya, baked gujiya, Turkish gujiya, kesariya gujiya and so on are a delightful treat during this time.

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Premium Holi Hamper With Gulal, Sweet & Namkeen, Chocolate &...

Rs. 2,925.00

Amazing Holi Hamper With Gulal & Munches

Rs. 1,925.00

Traditional Holi Hamper With Gulal & Savory

Rs. 1,895.00

Vibrant Holi Hamper With Set Of 4 Gulal & Munches

Rs. 1,575.00

Holi Gujiya Gulal & Namkeen Hamper

Rs. 1,350.00

Heavenly Tasting Chocolate Dipped Gujiya

Rs. 2,125.00

Ingenious Box Of Chocolate Dipped Gujiya

Rs. 1,060.00

Exotic Chocolate Dipped Gujiya

Rs. 535.00

Exotic Assorted Gujiya Box

Rs. 1,875.00

Exotic Bakery Hamper For Celebration

Rs. 6,250.00

Celebration Special Baked Gujiya

Rs. 1,875.00

Premium Gujiya Bakery Hamper

Rs. 4,650.00