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Mughal Paintings

The Mughal painting depicts a specific style of south Asia especially north India depicting Mughal dynasty, which is confined to miniatures of either book illustrations or as a single work which can be kept in albums. It evolved from Persian school of Mughal painting which was influenced by Buddhist, Jain and Hindu and often revolved around battles or royal life etc.


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The Grand Mughal Procession Painting (18*12.5 Inches)

Rs. 1,950.00

Badshah Akbar Royal Procession Painting (18*12.5 Inches)

Rs. 1,800.00

The Majestic March Mughal Painting (18*13 Inches)

Rs. 1,750.00

‘The Farewell’ Jodha-Akbar Painting (18*13 Inches)

Rs. 1,750.00

Grand Mughal Procession Painting (12.5*18 Inches)

Rs. 1,850.00

Royal Mughal Procession Painting (12.5*18 Inches)

Rs. 1,850.00

"Royal Court Mughal Paintings" (14*19 Inches)

Rs. 1,950.00

Mughal Queen Court Painting (14*19 Inches)

Rs. 1,850.00

Lively Mughal Market Painting (14*19 Inches)

Rs. 1,750.00

Royal Charity Balance Mughal Painting (14*19 Inches)

Rs. 1,650.00

Thanks Offering Mughal Painting (14*19 Inches)

Rs. 1,700.00

Mughal Backyard Luxury Painting (14*19 Inches)

Rs. 1,750.00


Origin and who started the Mughal style of painting

The Delhi sultanate ruled over most parts of the Indian subcontinent before Mughal empire rose, miniature painting was seen in various regions or various courts around the 10th century at the time of Delhi sultanate. Mughal emperor Humayun upon returning from exile brought with him two Persian artists-Sayyed Ali and Abdus Samad khan who created famous paintings which deviated from the traditional art of Persia and came to be known as Mughal painting. It gained popularity amongst rulers as they found the idea of portraying themselves as royal very interesting. 

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  • Akbar succeeded his father in 1556 and laid down the foundation of Mughal painting, some of the finest work was seen under the reign of Akbar.
  •  This was succeeded by Jahangir who had an inclination towards art which proved to be beneficial for Mughal art or Mughal paintings.
  • Then came the reign of Shah Jahan where Mughal paintings were expanding but it became more rigid and formal. He commissioned various paintings for his personal use as well.
  • During the reign of Aurangzeb, some of the best Mughal paintings were created by seasoned painters themselves when they were certain that Aurangzeb would close these workshops as he was not interested in art 
  • A brief revival was seen during the reign of Muhammad shah but the Mughal paintings declined after his death and due to the east India company influence of western paintings were seen in all Indian paintings

What are the main features of Mughal paintings?

  • They were small in size due to which they are known as miniature paintings
  • As Mughal art included Indian atmosphere it was not connected to the scenes of the daily life of an Indian
  • The Mughal painting remained in the Mughal court itself and was unattainable for the people
  • Themes of Mahabharata or Ramayana was also selected along with Persian book of fables
  • During the reign of Jahangir, Mughal paintings received great refinement, charm or dignity 
  • Patronizing of an artist who was trained in Mughal paintings was seen by Mughal courtiers and provincial officials, from the inspiration by their overlord
  • The work which was done by the first-grade artist or artist employed in the imperial government was known as imperial Mughal paintings
  • The golden colour was used in abundance as it was considered to be the symbol of prosperity

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