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Landscape Paintings

Originating from the Dutch word landschap, meaning “region, tract of land” the Landscape Paintings have a primary focus on natural scenery. Started as the art of telling stories in a natural scenic background, the Landscape Paintings transformed into more a picturesque showcase. These paintings illustrate the artists’ realistic effort to replicate nature. Apart from land, these paintings can have seascapes, cloudscapes, skyscapes, riverscapes, cityscapes etc. Landscape paintings are in forms of Desert Landscape Painting, Plain Landscape Painting, Tundra Landscape Painting, Mountain Landscape Painting, Cliff Landscape Painting, Jungle Landscape Painting etc.

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Aesthetically Pleasing Landscape Canvas Painting (24*21 Inches)

24*21 (Inches)

Rs. 4,500.00

Scenic Canvas Painting (24*21 Inches)

24*21 (Inches)

Rs. 4,500.00

Alluring Nature Realism Painting (24*21 Inches)

24*21 (Inches)

Rs. 4,500.00

Ancient Paris Street Life Canvas Painting (24*21 Inches)

24*21 (Inches)

Rs. 6,100.00

Romantic Street Of Paris Canvas Painting (21*24 Inches)

21*24 (Inches)

Rs. 6,300.00

Beauty Of Nature Landscape Painting (36*24 Inches)

36*24 (Inches)

Rs. 7,500.00

Rainy Street Walk Landscape Painting (Framed ,15*19 Inches)

15*19 (Inches)

Rs. 4,100.00

Breathtaking Nature Painting

Rs. 5,000.00

Landscape Realism Nature Painting

Rs. 5,000.00

Landscape Scenic Painting

Rs. 5,500.00

Picturesque Autumn Landscape Paintiing

Rs. 4,500.00

Enchanting Nature Canvas Painting

Rs. 6,500.00


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The representation of natural landscapes in art is known as landscape painting. Valleys, bodies of water, mountains, farms, woods, and beaches may be shown in landscape paintings, which may or may not feature man-made objects and individuals. Landscape as a separate genre did not develop in the Western tradition until the Renaissance in the 16th century, despite the fact that paintings from the earliest antique and Classical periods incorporated natural scenic aspects. The genre may be dated back to China in the 4th century CE in the Eastern tradition.

3 concepts in landscape paintings

Art of the Landscape

Other than the environment itself, extra features are rarely included in landscape paintings and photos. Animals and humans, as well as depictions of seas, are traditionally not featured in landscape paintings. The landscape piece's goal is to show the inherent beauty of nature, whether it's peaceful, furious, or strange.

Landscape Representational Art

The most basic form of landscape painting is representational landscape art. To achieve an unrealistic look, no special colours or filters are utilised in representational pieces. On the other hand, reprographic landscape painting concentrates on the natural beauty of the topic and portrays a realistic depiction of it.

Landscape Paintings in the Impressionist Style

The goal of impressionistic landscape painting is to portray a genuine setting in an almost surreal light. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways, including utilising soft focus to separate the foreground from the backdrop, using unique lighting techniques, or integrating saturated, bright, or unnatural colours into the picture. Impressionistic landscape art relies largely on the artist's or photographer's skills and ability to use his or her artistic talents to produce a striking image from nature.

Landscape Paintings in Abstraction

Abstract landscape art or painting focuses on the portrayal of the image's main topic rather than the landscape's surrounding surroundings. For example, the landscape may be in the backdrop of abstract landscape work, while the foreground may focus on a particular component, such as an oddly shaped tree limb or the shadow cast by a huge object.


What makes a landscape painting beautiful?

A landscape painting becomes perfect if it has simplification of the clutter, subtle variations with a limited palette of colours, embrace imperfection, etc.

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