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Holi Colours, Sprays & Gulals

The colours and gulals used during Holi festival brings in us the sense of culture, tradition, ritual and beauty. Traditionally, the holi colours were made of flowers and herbs making it bright natural dye. The vibrant colours of gulal are in shades of red, yellow, magenta, indigo, green and come beautifully packed in matkis, bottles and packets. Being eco friendly and safe to use, the burst of these colours increases the fun and frolic of the festivities.

19 Products

Holi Herbal Hut Gulal Set

Rs. 290.00

Divine 7 Chakras Holi Gulal Pack

Rs. 490.00

Holi Celebration Kiara Glittering Gulal

Rs. 675.00

Herbal Holi Blast Box

Rs. 490.00

Special Amora Set of 5 Pastel Colour Fragrant Gulal

Rs. 450.00

Organic Herbal Gulal Set of 4

Rs. 400.00

Holi Special Silken Touch Gulal Set Of 4

Rs. 160.00

Neon Galaxy Herbal Gulal Set of 3

Rs. 350.00

Herbal Holi Happiness Pack

Rs. 450.00

Celebration Set Of 4 Fragrant Silk Dark Gulal

Rs. 250.00

Celebration Kesav Fragrant Dark Colour Gulal set of 5

Rs. 250.00

Colourful Set Of 7 Fragrant Gulal

Rs. 625.00