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Accessorizing as a part of Indian culture has been documented as “solah shingaar”. Since the beginning of Indian civilization, jewellery and accessories have been an integral part of our society. It is not only considered an embellishment of beauty but auspicious too. Indian jewellery and accessories vary with religion, culture and geography. From Rajasthani jadau Kundan and meenakari jewellery to delicate pearl and polka jewellery of Hyderabad, the art of creating exotic jewellery is significant to our culture and geography. Different region follows its unique style of craftsmanship, with the south known for its temple work jewellery, north for exclusive carving jewellery, west for mirrors and stones jewellery and east for beads jewellery. The quintessential intricate carvings that are seen in temple jewellery, bridal designs, contemporary ornaments, clutches & bags etc is not only for aesthetic sense but also to fulfil religious needs.


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Vogue Cabachon Bead Rings

Rs. 840.00

Attractive Multicolored Potli Bag

Rs. 600.00

Modish Double Coin Shaped Bracelet

Rs. 1,000.00

Designer Multistone Necklace

Rs. 1,400.00

Delightful Citrine "Tree Of Life" Pendant

Rs. 950.00

Party Wear White Motif Clutch

Rs. 1,045.00

Graceful "Tree Of Life" Gem Stone Earrings

Rs. 1,250.00

Gold Polished Hasli Pink Agate Necklace

Rs. 1,800.00

Marvellous Aventurine Gree Bracelet

Rs. 1,400.00

Stunning Gold Zari Potli Bag

Rs. 700.00

Multicolored Embroidery Potli Bag

Rs. 700.00

Beautiful Zari Embroiderey Potli Bag

Rs. 600.00


Add Style To Your Outfit With Fashionable Jewellery From

People love jewellery and have loved to wear them since time immemorial. Jewellery has always played a great role in expressing our beauty and enhancing our looks. It's a must-have accessory for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd or just feel beautiful and confident. People with some sense of fashion know that jewellery and accessories add a great deal of suave to any outfit. A woman might forget to take her purse but will never forget to wear her favourite earrings while stepping out of the house! Such is the importance of these accessories. They have been used by humans for centuries, ever-evolving with time and fashion, but remain essential just the same. Just like clothes, the accessories you wear define you and make a statement. In some cases, accessories make your normal clothes pop out and even the slightest change or new jewellery is readily noticed by people. Jewellery and accessories are important for men and women alike. Records suggest that early human males wore necklaces and amulets too. The earliest known jewellery was not even created by humans, but Neanderthals, before us. Precisely, perforated beads made from small sea shells have been found dating to 115,000 years ago. It has thus become an essential part of our life. But you don’t need to make jewellery from beads like them, you can now buy fabulous jewellery online and handpicked handmade jewellery accessories from that will be a perfect match for your outfits!

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Buy From An Exquisite Collection Of Accessories For Women offers a wide range of exclusive jewellery for women online, that include elegant earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants. We have a beautiful collection of earrings, handpicked for you. You can find them in either stone gold polish or silver sterling, both equally charming in their own way. Once you have taken a look at the beautiful sets of earrings and pendants, you will be compelled to buy jewellery accessories online from You can buy adorable amethyst earrings, stunning quartz composition earrings, graceful chalcedony zirconia caress earrings that are a must-have in your collection! Check out the dagger green jade earrings, vogue cabochon bead rings and the impressive yellow druzy ring that will make you fall in love with jewellery. And the bracelets present a different charm altogether! From the graceful labradorite bracelet to the minimalistic silver gold polish bangle, we have all your accessorizing needs covered. So buy jewellery online today from and experience the luxurious side of fashion!

Order Truly Handpicked and Authentic Products From offers a host of other authentic products handpicked from the hinterland of India. You can buy exquisite Zari Clutches and Purses as it is a useful accessory as well as enhances your fashion statement. You can flaunt these bold accessories anywhere as Tokenz is the one-stop you need for all your fashion needs. Now that you have all these stylish jewellery, where are you gonna store it? Buy a Zari jewellery box from Tokenz and keep your fabulous jewellery in a fabulous place.  These handcrafted jewellery boxes are made of wood or silk, and they are either carved, etched, or beautifully embroidered and embellished. You can also shop for iconic picture frames from Tokenz and relive cherishable memories with your loved ones in style. These ethnic frames with Zari and embroidered work done on them are the most thoughtful gift to someone special! If you are searching for some home decor items to add life and enhance the beauty of your home, buy beautiful floral Bandhanwar and traditional torans from, which will surely deck up your home entrance during the festive season.


Q1. What can you do with empty jewellery boxes?

You can help reuse your old jewellery box by selling it to thrift stores that make jewellery boxes. If it is made of cardboard you can always recycle it so something useful can be made out of it. Jewellery boxes can also be reused to store small stationery items like glue, erasers and markers. If you have a hobby of collecting valuable artefacts, like coins, you can use these boxes as an elegant showcase or you can keep small board game pieces in them too!

Q2. What is the difference between jewellery and accessories?

Jewellery and accessories seem to be used together and seem to have similar meanings but they do have some differences. Like, the jewellery includes precious-metal jewellery and is often sustainable and can be worn for a long time, even surviving generations. Whereas accessories is a broad term and includes mainly precious-metal free jewellery. The word accessory is used for something which helps secondarily, as an attachment to the main thing.

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