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Holi Water Guns & Pichkaris

The squirting of coloured water over one another with pichkaris and water guns is the most fun part of Holi festival. First started by Lord Krishna enjoying some playful moments with Radha and gopis by throwing colours on them. The Pickharis have transited from the long metal syringes to water guns, cartoon characters and bagpack styles. Perfectly safe for children, the bright coloured water out of the pichkaris adds to the chaotic and joyous atmosphere for the festival.

19 Products

Holi Special Set of 3 Balloon Blower

Rs. 290.00

Kid's Holi Pichkari With Handle

Rs. 490.00

Colorful Gun Kid's Holi Pichkari

Rs. 260.00

Kid's Special Krypton Blue Water Gun Holi Gun Pichkari

Rs. 880.00

Kid's Cylindrical Holi Pichkari

Rs. 390.00

Multibarrel Kid's Special Holi Pichkari

Rs. 890.00

Stylish PUBG Sniper Water Gun

Rs. 1,400.00

Funtime PUBG Battleground Pichkari

Rs. 740.00

Cute Kid's Gun Holi Pichkari

Rs. 260.00

Adorable Kid's Holi Special Gun Pichkari

Rs. 890.00

Kid's Special White & Blue Gun Pickhari

Rs. 590.00

Holi Special Captain America Pichkari

Rs. 790.00