Odisha Palm Leaf Paintings

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Charming Krishna Antics Palm Leaf Painting

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Tribal Village Life Palm Leaf Painting

Rs. 620.00

Playful Krishna Activity Talapatra Painting

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Eternal Love Story Palm Leaf Painting

Rs. 620.00

Life In Tribal Village Talapatra Painting

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Ganesha In Tranquility Painting

Rs. 620.00

Maha Raasa Radha Krishna Talapatrachitra Painting

Rs. 620.00

Tribal Life Portrait Palm Leaf Painting

Rs. 880.00

Dance Of The Tribe Palm Leaf Painting

Rs. 620.00

Lord Jagannath Palm Leaf Painting

Rs. 620.00

Tribal Dance Talapatrachitra Painting

Rs. 620.00

Shiva As Nataraj Palm Leaf Painting

Rs. 620.00

Grace Your Walls With Palm Leaf Paintings!

Have you ever caught yourself admiring a beautiful painting made on what looks like a leaf and wondered “what this peace of art really is”? These masterpieces are Palm Leaf Paintings or Talapatra Paintings and are one of the most exquisite and sophisticated forms of paintings that have been a part of our culture for years and decades now. These Odisha paintings are an intricate part of our country's history.

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Palm leaf paintings, as the name suggests, are made on Palm leaves and are best known for their unique texture and attaining the magnificent end product. In our Indian culture Palm leaf writings have to be the oldest form of writing to ever exist in India. From Mahabharata dictated by Sage Vyas, to Vedas and Manuscripts...all have been written on Palm Leaves. Not just writings, Odisha paintings are also done on Palm Leaves that depict a visual depiction of historical events that hold great importance in explaining various events from the past!

Even after decades, a lot may have changed but the use of Palm Leaf  art form is one thing that still exists and is applauded in India. Their unique and historical relevance give them an enormous appeal that attracts masses to buy them and increase the value of their home decor with these exquisite paintings!

Know-How These Gaze Stopping Palm Leaf Paintings Are Made!

Making these paintings requires a lot of hard work and at least three to four months of dedication! Firstly, the palm leaves are dried out under the scorching sun for approximately two to three months. Once dried out, they are cut to the required sizes and soaked in water. For ensuring the long-lasting time period of these paintings, the leaves are treated to a solution of turmeric. Once dried out, these leaves are carefully tied together in a zig-zag formation of a scroll and then they are ready to be painted and graced with a scenic traditional story that would be depicted in the painting. 

Just like everything else about the unique art of Odisha, the painting on the Palm leaves is done through a unique process that is worth admiring as well. The drawing that is carefully done with appropriate spacing and excruciating details, is painted with a sharp-pointed iron tool which etches the brittle surface of the leaves. To make sure that the months of hard work and patience does not go down the drain with the accidental breaking of the leaves while painting, a piece of cotton is used to spread or rub the color evenly across the leaves.

While the traditional ways of extracting colors for Orissa folk art included making the required colors through natural sources like conch shell, soot from the lamp, neem leaves, and a lot more. The recent developments in techniques and additions in colors have taken this unique form of art to another level! But the advancement of technology should not affect the authenticity of such ancient art forms like Pattachitra Painting.

Order Beautiful Tropical Leaves Paintings From Tokenz

Some believe that owning a piece of palm leaf art is somewhat equivalent to owning a magnificent historical piece of art. These beautiful art pieces don’t just epitomise culture and tradition, but they also capture the essence of a once existing ancient civilization and their aims at flourishing despite various invasions and lack of resources available today. If you are a fan of beautiful art and want to increase the value of your home decor, then order unique Palm Leaf Paintings from Tokenz!

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