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We bring to you the age old traditional Terracotta Pots in a newer contemporary version. These brilliant pieces of sculpture bestows us with the joy of appreciating an artisan’s creativity. Every planter is fabricated by the sheer dedication of the craftsman. Terracotta in Italian means “baked earth”. The fascinating process translates a lump of clay on the potter’s wheel into a masterpiece. The earthen look of orange-reddish pots with a slight glazed tinge makes it a versatile décor product. Through this culturally rich handmade artform, we strive to bring to you a happy way of life.

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Stylish Stack Of Books Pots for Plants

Rs. 925.00

Designer Saucer Square Pot For Plant

Rs. 590.00

Elegant Round Terracotta Pot

Rs. 340.00

Graceful Bust Shaped Planter

Rs. 840.00

Garden Shallow Round Terracotta Pot

Rs. 785.00

Pencil Shape Earthen Handcrafted Pot

Rs. 465.00

Earthy Bowl Shaped Handmade Pot

Rs. 590.00

Shell Carve Terracotta Pot

Rs. 335.00

Geometric Creation Terracotta Pot

Rs. 410.00

Deep Double Books Terracotta Pot

Rs. 535.00

Earthen Shallow Round Handmade Pot

Rs. 590.00

Quirky Tea Set Terracotta Pot

Rs. 910.00

The Touch Of Nature In The Embrace Of Your Home

You may have a disagreement on what color to paint your walls, where to put the TV set, or what kind of sofa to get, but one thing you are destined to agree on is a beautiful flower pot or a flower vase for your home decor.

Nature truly is beautiful and needs to be celebrated every moment of your day. A plant in the room binds the whole ambiance together effortlessly. It brings a pop of color in a formal space to make it look more welcoming and brings a sense of familiarity that helps you bond better.

A flower vase gives a rather authentic and grounded look to the person and helps the room look more lively. They bring an effortlessly natural look to your living space. Besides being a healthier and eco-friendly option, a terracotta flower vase also creates very pleasing texture and balance that helps bring out a more comfortable environment for its inhabitants. 

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True Nature’s Beauty That Makes You Want To Stay Grounded

With the fast running lives these days, we have adapted to cheap and synthetic products to please our needs. In the constant hustle and search for a more affordable bargain, we’ve adapted to neglecting the harmful effects these at the moment our decisions are having on the environment we have borrowed. A compromised, fairly neglectful decision today is the demon for the beautiful nature we owe our everything to.

A flower vase or a flower pot made out of terracotta, which is clay, does not just serve the purpose of being an eye pleasing decor for your living room, but it also helps you buy the opportunity to choose a relatively sustainable and environmentally friendly option for home decor. A terracotta planter is an eco-friendly alternative to your usual plastic vase and pots. It is easy to dispose of and does not cause any damage to the environment. 

Not just that, they don’t just act as an eco-friendly good look home decor, but they have a positive effect on your health as well! The plants or the flowers planted in these vases and pots bring you a healthy environment to breathe and live in with the clean air they provide. They also absorb the toxins and refresh the room for your health, basically acting as an oxygen machine for you. Another added advantage is that they reduce stress and lower your heart rate with just one glance at them! Tokenz presents to you a collection of Terracotta pots and vases to bring a piece of nature into your living space.

Celebrate Your Love For The Beautiful Nature And Rekindle The Connection You Lost

With everyone running after modern technology and the man-made synthetic products that end up contaminating our environment, Tokenz understands the need to rekindle your lost link with nature and brings you a collection of pots and vases in all sizes and shapes.

From plain vases to fancy pots, Tokenz has got it all for you! From a book double pot to a pot in the shop of a Tea Set, Tokenz presents you with various options to amp up your home decor and bring nature back into your life. These pots will compliment your decor and give a chic and classy ambiance. If you are looking for terracotta pots and vases online, Tokenz is the answer to all your prayers. Tokenz understands the importance of your time and hence, brings you the best collection you can ever get in India, online, at affordable prices. Buy the pot that compliments you today!

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