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Semi Precious Stone Silver Earrings

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Adorable Amethyst Earrings

Rs. 2,010.00

Magnificent Labradorite Earrings

Rs. 3,066.00

Classy Labradorite Limerick Earrings

Rs. 2,535.00

Stunning Quartz Composition Earrings

Rs. 4,125.00

Classy Amethyst Earrings

Rs. 2,085.00

Gorgeous Amethyst Citrine Affinity Earrings

Rs. 2,160.00

Stylish Zirconia Quartz Harmony

Rs. 4,125.00

Magnificent Amethyst Lolite Amity

Rs. 4,650.00

Dazzling Gossamer Amethyst Earrings

Rs. 3,750.00

Luminous Aventurine Drops Earrings

Rs. 2,790.00

Graceful Chalcedony Zirconia Caress

Rs. 2,130.00

Ovate Amethyst Drops

Rs. 2,445.00

Buy The Most Beautiful Silver Polished Earrings On Tokenz For A Classy Look!

Jewellery is universally considered a very personal gift that expresses a sense of intimacy between the giver and the receiver. Saying that you are unique with a jewellery gift will indeed show your love to anyone, along with an everlasting expression of uniqueness. In short, giving jewellery as a gift symbolises love and makes the receiver happy. Indians cannot underestimate jewellery’s importance as it is an essential part of our culture and daily lives. Indian women had followed the tradition of wearing jewellery before going out for centuries, even before this concept was given to us by the western world. Production of handmade precious and semi-precious jewellery is still one of India’s most essential and most valuable markets. 

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You can make any outfit look a hundred times better and more classy by adding some chic accessories to style it up. One of the most eye-catching and charming accessories are earrings. They make you look gorgeous just by adding a simple touch, and you can find a variety of stud earrings online that you can wear to specific occasions as well as to work. Tokenz has the best collection of semi-precious stone earrings and gemstone earrings that will go well with a wide range of outfits and are available in the prettiest designs and colours.

Give Your Outfit An Elegant Touch And Order Semi Precious Silver Polished Earrings Online On Tokenz

Tokenz has come up with the latest designs of fabulous earrings that will make you Instagram-ready. You can get the fashionable pencil Chalcedony earrings that will make your coworkers gaze at you with awe! Or if you want something for a special occasion, you can go for the stylish seven Onyx dewdrops earrings. We have all kinds of gemstone earrings as per your needs. Many people believe that wearing gemstone jewellery brings good luck as they hold unique powers and energies. There is also particular importance to wearing jewellery belonging to your birthstone. For example, people born in February have their birthstone is amethyst, which is supposed to be great for balancing emotion and personal growth. You are already lucky because Tokenz has the most dazzling Gossamer Amethyst earrings that will go perfectly with a fashionable dress. Whether you believe it or not, you cannot deny that gemstones make up a beautiful part of accessories that give you the fashion boost you need. If you want something more delicate, you can get the stylish Zirconia Quartz harmony earrings that are the epitome of subtlety and elegance. You can get such majestic semi-precious earrings online only at Tokenz, so don’t miss out on this fantastic collection!

Tokenz Brings To You A Host Of Authentic Jewellery And Accessories That You Can Flaunt Anywhere!

You can choose from a broad collection of beautiful rings offered by Tokenz for a loved one to give them on their special day, and also for yourself because self-love is the essential kind of love! You can adorn your neck with beautiful pendants and flaunt that necklace with a pretty skirt and cute top. When you mention jewellery, you have to talk about bracelets, the most elegant and straightforward form of jewellery. You can find various colourful and stylish bracelets that go well with any outfit and help you step up your fashion game. Now that you have all the jewellery you are looking for, why not find a fashionable home for it too? Get the prettiest jewellery box from Tokenz and store your priceless jewellery collection in style. Tokenz has the most authentic Indian products that are sourced ethically from local artisans and small producers, so check out all the fantastic items and get ready to be delighted!


1. How can you identify semi-precious stones?

Look for any inclusion, cracks or scratches in the stone. If you find any, you are likely looking at a false stone. Next, check the colour of the gemstone. It should be vibrant for a pure gemstone. A natural stone will be well-cut without any marks and slightly transparent. For further confirmation, check the credibility of the seller before you buy.


2. How are semi-precious earrings made?

Semi-precious jewellery is generally hand made and is made by using semi-precious stones like amethyst, quartz, garnet, onyx, citrine and many more. Creating is the same as artificial jewellery, except the use of these gemstones in the making.


3. Why are semi-precious stone earrings famous?

There are more than a hundred different types of gemstones that are semi-precious but yet exquisite. Most of these stones are popular due to their uniqueness. Some gemstones are also worn as they are considered lucky and a bringer of good fortune. Gemstone earrings are one of the most cultivated varieties of jewellery that are very popular among women.

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