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Ganesha Idols

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Reading Ganesha Figurine

Rs. 470.00

Auspicious Colourful Ganesha Brass Idol

Rs. 2,855.00

Majestic Ganesha Brass Idol

Rs. 1,350.00

Vignaharta Ganesha Figurine

Rs. 400.00

Colourful Cheerful Ganesha Brass Idol

Rs. 3,995.00

Tranquil Ganesha Brass Idol

Rs. 2,190.00

Ganesha In Tranquality Brass Idol

Rs. 5,990.00

Artistic Ganesha Brass Diya

Rs. 2,990.00

Colourful "Vignaharta" Ganesha Brass Idol

Rs. 6,995.00

Majestic Ganesha Brass Idol

Rs. 4,335.00

Traditional Brass Ganesha Diya

Rs. 2,290.00

Ganesha Under Tree Brass Idol

Rs. 1,090.00

Check out the amazing range of Ganesh Murti Online

Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu god is traditionally worshipped as Buddhinathas, “The God of Wisdom”, and Vignanartha, “Remover of All Obstacles”. Created by his mother Parvati and fathered by Shiva, Lord Ganesha is Achintya, Avyakta, and Ananta or beyond thought, expression, and eternal. His big belly signifies generosity and acceptance. Ganesha’s Ekdanth or “Single Tooth” also has mythological belief, a popular one being that he broke it off himself to write the Mahabharata as dictated by Sage Vyasa. Lord Ganesha is worshipped before performing any auspicious work.

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Seek The Blessings Of The Best With Us, Buy Ganesha Idols Online With Tokenz

Do you remember hearing Ganpati Bappa Morya before every new beginning? Well, if you are an Indian brat or know the Indian culture, every auspicious starting is incomplete without the wishes of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is known to be one of the most worshipped gods in Hindu culture. He is the lord of wisdom, intellect and known as the remover of obstacles, thus promising a smoother journey when we start something. Whenever you step into a typical Indian household, you will generally find a Ganesh ji murti in their home. Not only Ganesha idols for home, but they also buy Ganesha idols for car dashboard. You can call it a must-have god figurine, and in case you are looking for one beautiful Ganesh idol, lord Ganesha did its magic by landing you at Tokenz.

Give Your New Journey A Kick Start And A Lot Of Blessings With Tokenz's Collection Of Ganpati Murti

Tokenz brings you an expansive range of Ganesh murti online, and every one of it speaks tranquillity and spirituality. Even a look at them is enough to bring serenity to your life, so you can imagine how you will feel when you have that kind of grace with you always at your home, office, car, etc. Their designs are a perfect example of the exquisite craftsmanship of Indian artists. You can even spot majestic brass Ganesha idols at Tokenz with an off-beat design. The range of brass Ganesh murti includes Auspicious Colourful Ganesha Brass Idol, a majestic Ganpati murti, Ganesh idols for home, Ganesha brass idol, Colourful Cheerful Ganesha Brass Idol, etc. 

You can even choose traditional brass Ganesh Diya for making your pujas and rituals more beautiful and graceful. Our collection of brass Ganesh idols will surely add a little more grace with their unique designs to any place. Ganesh Ji ki murti also makes a perfect gift for any occasion due to its significance. Our range started from reasonable rates, and you can select the one that fits with you. While shopping for a Ganesha idol online with Tokenz, you don't have to worry about the quality since we will hold up to the standards of something as authentic and as divine as the Ganesha idol. Blessings of the best are now just a click away with Tokenz. If you want to deliver a gift to your dear ones this festive season, then a beautiful Ganpati murti would be an amazing choice to go with. Get Ganesha idol online for yourself or gift your friends anywhere across our wide network, and we will deliver your blessings safely.

Explore The Spiritual World With Tokenz; From Ganesha Idols To Religious Paintings Online

Tokenz won't only grace your place with Ganesh Ji murti, as we also offer other holy figurines for your spiritual peeps out there. Apart from having Ganesha idols online, we have  god photo frames, divine figurines online, toran, religious paintings, animal painting, and many other items. They are not only available at reasonable rates, but the quality is also premium. We promote our Indian heritage and culture by offering you products made with a touch of Indian tradition, whether it's a rosewood animal painting or brass figurines online. 




What is the significance of Ganpati Bappa murti?

Lord Ganesha is known to be a god of wisdom and intellect. When we bring Lord Ganesha idols for home along with them, we place an extra set of good wishes and good luck before starting a new journey. He is an honoured god in Hindu tradition, and no ritual is complete without his grace.


Why are Ganesha idols an ideal gift?

Ganesha murti is a suitable gift for any occasion because Lord Ganesha is a God who graces us with a clear path by removing obstacles. So gifting a Ganesh Ji ki murti is appropriate for any event, whether it's an inauguration celebration, the beginning of a new phase in life, or simply sending some good wishes for someone.


What is the right placement of the Ganpati idol?

You can place the holy murti of Ganesh Ji in your home or get a Ganesh idol or Ganpati murti for the car dashboard. They are a perfect match for any place, except at the walls directly linked to the washroom of your house. According to astrology and Vastu, you can place Ganesh Ji ki murti in the east or west direction.

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