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Valentines Chocolates

Clearly, we all love it and expect it on Valentine’s Day…..Chocolate is said to contain a substance that inflames desire and makes your flame open to romance. Chocolates given by lovers are known to infuse love. And here’s just another thought, Chocolate comes from the “Theobroma cacao” tree, which in Greek translates as “food for Gods”. Pretty romantic stuff, right? This Valentine’s day when you receive a box of chocolates, just know how special you are.


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Cute Pink Teddy Bear, Season Of Love The Royal Gift...

Rs. 1,939.00

Cute Teddy Bear, Oveo The Royal Parfum Set of Four...

Rs. 1,789.00

White Photo Frame with customised message & French Essence Luxury...

Rs. 709.00

Valentine Gift (Red Teddy With7 Pcs Chocolates with Signature Green...

Rs. 825.00

Photo Frame with customised message, Hoya Heart Plant with customised...

Rs. 1,240.00

Cute Pink Teddy Bear, Heart Shape Chocolates Cone & Heart...

Rs. 1,329.00

Cute Teddy Bear, Tart Baklawa, Ramsons U R Lovely Perfume,...

Rs. 2,129.00

Valentine Hamper (Cute Cat Couple , Golden Rose with golden...

Rs. 2,569.00

Customised CD Creative Visualization Lamp, Ferrero Rocher & Red Roses...

Rs. 869.00

Teddy Bear, Creative Visualization Lamp with Ferrero Rocher

Rs. 1,419.00

Customised CD Creative Visualization Lamp with Chocolate Almond Rocks Can

Rs. 769.00

Teddy Bear & Heart-Shaped Chocolates.

Rs. 949.00


This Valentine’s Day gift the sweetness of chocolates to your sweetheart!

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful occasion that every couple looks forward to throughout the whole year. Although true love does not require one special day to be celebrated to its fullest, Valentine’s Day gives beautiful couples a chance to break from the regular expression of their undying love and go out of the box for their partners. While there are a number of things that can make this beautiful occasion even more special, it's time that you go the classic way this Valentine’s day and fill the celebration with the sweetness of amazing Valentine’s day chocolates from Tokenz.

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Enjoy the irresistible Valentine’s chocolate box by Tokenz 

Chocolates are an integral part of any valentine’s day celebration. Just like flowers and gifts, chocolates play a major role in making this special occasion even more special. They play a key role in marking the festivity a success. Tokenz understands the importance of good chocolates on Valentine’s day, hence, we have curated for you a collection of irresistible Valentine’s day chocolates. These chocolates come in gorgeous packaging that adds on to the charm of the chocolates. The moment you take a bite of these delicious chocolates, they melt into your mouth giving you a heavenly experience. Order Valentine’s chocolate box from Tokenz and experience and let their heavenly taste take your breath away!

Buy the best Valentine’s day chocolates online from Tokenz

Chocolates are classic Valentine’s day gifts. Without chocolates, any valentine’s day celebration feels incomplete. It is an unsaid mandatory rule that chocolates have to be a part of the celebration. Unfortunately, if the chocolates are not of the best quality, they can end up dampening the spirit of the lovely occasion. Tokenz truly wants you to have the best Valentine’s Day with your loved one, hence, we bring to you a collection of amazing Valentine’s Day chocolates that taste just as heavenly as they look! From delicious red heart-shaped chocolates, Exotic golden nuggets, to tempting chocolate trays, there’s something for everyone! This valentine’s day satisfies that sweet tooth to the core with these amazing chocolates and makes this a memory to remember forever. Buy heavenly valentine’s day chocolates from Tokenz and give your loved one a chance to truly feel the valentine’s day spirit in every bite.

Shop from Tokenz and bring home the satisfaction of luxury shopping

Tokenz is an online one-stop gift shop that brings to you a collection of a variety of impressive products that are bound to steal your heart away. Not just Valentine’s Day chocolates, but from beautiful Indian handicrafts to Valentine’s day gift hampers, there’s something for all your gifting needs. Tokenz understands the importance of good quality products and how they can play a huge role in making occasions even more special, therefore, we bring to you a collection of carefully curated reliable products at prices that are an absolute steal deal! We thrive to give our valued customers the best shopping experience and we aim to make your shopping experience a fun journey, rather than a burdensome task. Shop from Tokenz and treat yourself with a luxurious shopping experience. Explore our handpicked collection of products and place an order for your favourites today!

Get heart-shaped Valentine’s day chocolate boxes sent to your loved one’s doorsteps!

Are you stuck in a horrible valentine’s day nightmare where you can’t celebrate the special day of love with your loved one? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! It is truly unfortunate that you cannot enjoy the company of your loved one on this special occasion, but don’t let this distance stop you from treating your loved one with the best chocolates for valentine’s day by Tokenz that will definitely melt their hearts! Being away from your loved one’s is hard in itself, ease the pain a little by sending valentine’s day chocolates to your favourite person in any nook or corner of the country. Simply place your order online with Tokenz and get delicious valentine’s day chocolates to send to your loved one’s doorsteps. Just place your order with Tokenz and celebrate your love on Valentine’s day without losing the charm.

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