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Khadi Hand Sanitizer 250 ml

Rs. 125.00

Khadi Set Of 3 Body Wash Soaps

Rs. 210.00

Khadi Toning Lotion

Rs. 175.00

Khadi Set Of 3 Herbal Body Wash Soaps

Rs. 210.00

Khadi Triphala Brahmi Hair Oil 500 ml

Rs. 300.00

Khadi Rose Honey & Honey Bath Wash Soaps

Rs. 140.00

Khadi Massage Oil

Rs. 260.00

Khadi Almond Hair Oil

Rs. 200.00

Khadi Prickly Heat Talc Powder 100 gms

Rs. 60.00

Khadi Rose Sandal Talc Powder 100 gms

Rs. 60.00

Khadi Set Of 3 Handmade Soaps

Rs. 210.00

Khadi Neem & Tulsi Talc Powder 100 gms

Rs. 60.00

Natural Healthcare With Khadi Natural Products 

The chemically laced synthetic products have started taking up shelves in the market and in your personal cabinets, but their cheap prices make you vulnerable to pay a huge price later. The synthetic products leave a lot of side effects like irritation, acne, and dryness on your skin, and even dandruff, split-ends, hair fall, and a lot more when used as a hair care product. On using Khadi natural hair products, which are made of natural and non-artificial ingredients, one does not have to suffer from these side effects but in fact they repair the damage caused by the synthetic products and other pollution factors, and also rejuvenates the skin and the body to a healthier condition. Khadi products are the holy grail that blesses you with the right treatment that you deserve!

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Khadi products are not just benefitting your skin but they work wonders for the environment as well! The increasing pollution these days has driven people to desperately look for products that would treat the environment with kindness. Khadi natural products are the perfective alternatives to the synthetic chemical products that are non-biodegradable and leave a harmful and disastrous effect on the environment. Khadi natural products are eco-friendly and sustainable in nature. Along with its other benefits, one of the most prominent features is its biodegradable nature. Buying a Khadi product is like killing two birds with one stone!

Buy Khadi Products Online From Tokenz

As the synthetic health care industry is developing, on the other hand their side effects and harmful effects on the environment are also coming to light. The growing concern regarding the need to conserve the environment has led the people to consciously divert to natural and organic products, like the Khadi industry, because of their gentle effect not just on you and your skin, but on nature and the organisms living in it as well. The question now stands, where and how to buy these natural and organic products? 

Natural and organic Khadi products are available in the market ranging between all ranges of prices but unfortunately, they don’t serve the purpose you are looking for. These products carefully placed on the market shelves are often not reliable and sometimes not truly organic and natural too. This jeopardizes your mission to glowing skin and silky hair, and leaves you defeated and in discomfort. Tokenz understands your struggles and hence we bring you a one-stop-shop to answer all your needs! 

Tokenz an online store that houses an impressive collection of Khadi products to answer all your health-related issues. From Khadi skin care products online to Khadi food diet products, we have it all in the best 100% natural quality that would treat your body with the gentleness and effectiveness that it deserves. Trust our products today and you will never have to look anywhere else tomorrow.

Get the Goodness Of Nature Delivered To Your doorsteps!

At Tokenz, we care about your shopping experience and want you to receive the best online shopping services. Therefore, we bring to you the exclusive option of getting delivered to your doorsteps in no time! So visit the page today and get everything, from Indian folk art wall paintings to Khadi natural products and home decor, delivered to you!


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Khadi hand sanitizer 250 ml


Khadi Set of 3 Body Wash Soaps


Khadi Toning Lotion


Khadi Massage Oil


Khadi Rose Sandal Talc Powder 100 gms


Khadi Aloevera Cucumber Body Lotion


Khadi Sunscreen Lotion SPF 15


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