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Enticing Peacock Pattachitra Painting (Framed, 12.5*12.5 Inches)

Rs. 5,100.00

Beautiful Bird Seascape Painting (15*13 Inches)

Rs. 1,850.00

Amazing Kingfisher Seascape Painting (13*15 Inches)

Rs. 1,850.00

Fascinating Kingfisher Canvas Painting (13*15 Inches)

Rs. 1,950.00

Exclusive Falcon Canvas Painting (13*15 Inches)

Rs. 1,850.00

Graceful Peacock Canvas Painting (13*15 Inches)

Rs. 2,100.00

Colourful Kingfisher Canvas Painting (13*15 Inches)

Rs. 1,950.00

Prosperous Bluebird Canvas Painting (13*15 Inches)

Rs. 1,900.00

Tranquil Kingfisher Canvas Painting (13*15 Inches)

Rs. 1,900.00

Intellectual Bluebird Canvas Painting (13*15 Inches)

Rs. 1,800.00

Harmonious European Starling Canvas Painting (13*15 Inches)

Rs. 1,950.00

Mesmerizing Peacock Madhubani Painting (Framed, 11*14.5 Inches)

Rs. 1,725.00

Step Into The Wild, Or Let The Wild Step Into Your Home Through Unique Animal Paintings

Animals ought to underline the foundation of art for not only some ages but for several civilizations. If you look back to prehistoric times,  paintings, including animal art, have been a source of communication in humans. Animals are a considerable part of the ecosystem. With so many animal activists, the awareness to protect and preserve them in their natural habitat has been increasing day by day. People are becoming more animal lovers rather than animal hurters. With everyone having a thing for wildlife creatures, there is one thing our home decors are incomplete without, any guesses? Well, the answer is an animal painting. That canvas has a unique roar and speaks louder than words. The animal abstract painting holds not only meaning, but it adds grace to your walls and your place.

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Animal paintings are one of the iconic forms of art. They display something so natural but, on the contrary, looks surreal. The majestic beauty they portray holds strong roots of significance and meanings. Animal abstract paintings can have very different contexts. For instance, starting from the Mughal times, some people draw their army while some people just present an animal roaming in its wild. One can also exhibit an animal holding religious value like elephants or simply go for contemporary animal abstract painting.

That was an insight into what this form of art is about, and if you are a person who has an interest in paintings of animals, Tokenz has got a collection for you. Our website has an entire host of artworks by Indian artisans whose artworks define the majestic presence of animals around us.

For All The Animal Lovers Out There, Now buy Exquisite Horse Painting At Great Prices

Tokenz has got a collection of wooden and animal abstract paintings. Talking about them in detail, if you are a horse lover, we have horse paintings and running horse paintings. One is a majestic terracotta inspired by Indian mythological paintings, while the other is a wooden panel painting that represents mystic horses. Horse art represents courage, speed, and endurance. Also, there is a saying that paintings of horse running are known to be a symbol of good luck. There is an animal in the jungle in front of whom even the lion bows. It is the one and only elephant. Elephants are a symbol of strength, protection, wisdom, and good luck with Elephant paintings. Now bring all of that into your home and decorate it as a perk with our exquisite elephant art. Elephant family, cheerful elephants, a tribe of elephants, and many others are a perfect example of Indian traditional art. Are you a bird lover? Our abstract animal paintings collection has got your back. Parrot paintings can be an ideal choice for you. Colourful companions or the one shown in the wilderness through wooden art, these green-talkative birds signify the importance of truth. 

Our collection of animal art is easy on your pocket, and all the masterpieces are under 1000 INR. They are a great deal as a little investment like this won't only make your home meaningful but beautiful too. Tokenz will provide a hassle-free experience to you within our network. With our on door delivery options, now you can make your place gorgeous by sitting at home and with just a few clicks. Animal portraits are undoubtedly a great item for home decor, and this makes it a great gift as well. Make your loved ones happy with our collection of colourful animal painting, which includes abstract horse paintings, elephant paintings, parrot art, etc.

From Traditional Animal Paintings To Indian Mythological Paintings, Promote The Vibrant Heritage Of India With

Tokenz’s collection of art is not limited to animal painting or an animal-abstract painting. We also offer Indian mythological paintings, Radha Krishna paintings, palm leaf paintings, and folk art paintings. When shopping with Tokenz, you will be promoting the handwork of our Indian artists. This is the need of the hour as the upcoming generations are forgetting the essence of roots. Indulging in traditional forms of art is a perfect way to let them know the value and rich heritage of Indian culture.

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