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Desi Ghee Sweets

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Delectable Sweet Boxes Of Kaju Barfi & Mathura Peda

Rs. 1,135.00

Yummy Box Of Soan Papdi (500 gms)

Rs. 520.00

Divinely Tasteful Kaju Barfi (500 gms)

Rs. 1,090.00

Box Of Delicious Soan Puffs (500 gms)

Rs. 515.00

Awesome Karachi Halwa Box (500 gms)

Rs. 560.00

Combo Sweets Of Besan Laddoo & Kaju Barfi

Rs. 915.00

Delightful Combo Mithai Kaju Barfi & Kesar Peda

Rs. 1,440.00

Delicious Batisa Slice & Kaju Kesar Barfi

Rs. 1,040.00

Awesome Mithai Combo Of Batisa Slice & Badam Pinni

Rs. 1,110.00

Delightful Mithai Combo Of Karachi Halwa & Batisa Slice

Rs. 830.00

Mouth Watering Balushahi With Karachi Halwa

Rs. 1,110.00

Traditional Magdal & Gond Laddoo CD Sweet Boxes.

Rs. 555.00


Gorge On The Heavenly Delights Of Desi Ghee Sweets With Tokenz

There was a time that even a slight smell or even the name Ghee was enough to make us frown. Our grandma's running behind us endlessly and mom's insisting we consume the same was a nightmare. All of that was the past, now let's talk about the present and future. Desi Ghee is known to be one of the healthiest forms of fat, and no matter which generation we all are becoming conscious eaters and preferring it over other fat sources. Agree or not, somewhat we all even like its taste now, and in some dishes like sweets, the taste is so good that no adjectives can ever do justice to it. We all are a huge fan of Indian sweets, Kaju barfi, deshi ghee sweets, desi ghee ke laddu, and are Indian ghee sweets even complete without it? How much of Deshi ghee is too much of Deshi ghee? For all of us who like to feast on Indian Desi Ghee ki mithai, the answer is no matter how much the quantity, we can never get enough of them. Enough of appreciation, now it's time to hog on to your favourite and evergreen desi sweets online with Tokenz.

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Explore The World Of Delicious Indian Desi Ghee Sweets Online

Our range of delectable delights or what you call Indian sweets or desi ghee sweets contains premium quality ghee, which makes them even tastier. One thing about Desi ghee mithai is that starting from the youngest one in the family to the eldest one, everyone likes them and loves to consume them. Adding another point in favour of the desi ghee sweets, ghee laddoos,Kaju barfi is that any of our Indian festivities are incomplete without them. Whether it's a puja, good news, or some occasion, a box of deshi ghee ki mithai has to be there. We know you are already drooling at the thought of it. Stop the drool and start ordering some for you from our collection of desi ghee mithai,desi ghee ke laddu. Our range is as exotic as this delicious masterpiece. Starting from delectable sweet boxes of Kaju Barfi & Kesar Peda, awesome Karachi Halwa box, delicious Batisa Slice & Kaju Kesar Barfi, a yummy box of Soan papdi,  traditional Magdal & Gond Laddoo CD sweet boxes, mouth-watering balushahi, divinely tasteful besan laddoo, a traditional sweet box of Chandrakala, etc. Tokenz offers you premium quality desi ghee sweets at reasonable rates, starting from only 500 INR. We will ship them anywhere across our expansive network spread across domestic and even international destinations. Distance should not be a reason to stop yourself from experiencing the authentic taste of Indian sweets. They also make a perfect present for your loved ones, no matter what the celebration is, they will always fit in there perfectly. They blend into the environment just like they blend in your mouth as soon as you have the first bite. A box of deshi ghee ki mithai is synonymous with a box of heaven and happiness for some of us ( to be honest, most of us).

Dive Deep Into Our Collection Of Namkeen Snacks Online To Desi Sweets At Tokenz

Tokenz aims at satisfying every craving of you and your loved ones by offering not only desi sweets online but, for the health-conscious ones dry fruits online, for spicy lovers namkeen snacks online,  for the ones with sweet-tooth ghee sweets, milk sweets peda sweet online, Diwali sweets online, mewa bite online, sweet combos and many more. All of them have an expansive inventory for you to choose from so that you get what you desire. Your cravings are properly taken care of at Tokenz. We also offer other items essential for festivals, and you can have a better look at them by exploring our site. Festival season or some occasion Tokenz has got something for every moment in your life. Every moment counts, and our scrumptious Indian sweets make sure they even last more. Explore the world of delights, divine, and even decor with Tokenz.
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