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Khadi Amla & Bhringraj Herbal Sat (Shampoo)

Rs. 170.00

Khadi Herbal Sat (Shampoo) For Damaged Hair

Rs. 170.00

Khadi Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

Rs. 210.00

Khadi Honey Sat (Shampoo)

Rs. 170.00

Khadi Hair Conditioner And Damage Repair

Rs. 220.00

Khadi Maha Bhringraj Hair Oil 210 ml

Rs. 250.00

Khadi Conditioning Sat (Shampoo)

Rs. 170.00

Khadi Hair Conditioner For Oily Hair

Rs. 220.00

Khadi Anti Dandruff Sat (Shampoo)

Rs. 170.00

Khadi Hair Conditioner For Dry Hair

Rs. 220.00

Khadi Shikakai Sat (Shampoo) For Hair

Rs. 170.00

Khadi Satreetha Sat (Shampoo)

Rs. 170.00

Nature’s Touch To Re-Connect With Your Roots

No matter how much one may try to adapt to the conventional ways, true calm can be obtained only from using natural products. It is no more an assumption to accept that true beauty comes from natural beauty. The pollution and dirt from the fast track life these days leave your hair damaged and lifeless.

While it's true that there are heavy chemical formula based products available in abundance in the market, but since every time, in the end, a man finds himself retreating to nature for the correct treatment, your hair deserves the natural therapeutic care from the beginning. Khadi hair care products are natural and organic. They are made of natural ingredients like vitamins, oils, minerals, and botanical extracts that leave a nourishing and soothing effect on your hair and scalp. They repair your hair naturally and leave a long-lasting effect, which makes your hair look the best.


Your Silky Locks Deserve The Best Treatment

It is not a hidden fact that there has been a huge shift of consumers towards conventional artificial hair care products in the past decades. From the first development of a chemical formula based shampoo, the industry graph has just grown upwards with the production of products packed with harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, Formaldehyde, Polyethylene Glycols, and whatnot! These synthetic hair care products end up damaging your hair to the point of no possible repair. They do seem like a cheap bargain that serves the purpose of purchasing them, but in the long run, they leave your hair barren of its natural luster and natural oils that keep your hair strong and healthy. 

Khadi hair care products are made up of purely natural and organic ingredients, which give you the silky soft hair that boosts your confidence. They help restore your hair's health and leaves a soothing and stimulating effect on your scalp and hair. While synthetic shampoos and conditioners end up eroding your hair of its natural oils during the cleansing process, and leave your scalp dry, itchy, while giving rise to many side effects like hair fall, thinning of hair, dandruff, and split ends. On the other hand, Khadi natural hair care products brought to you by Tokenz presents you with a gentle cleansing effect that leaves your hair feeling silky smooth and provides immunity to your natural oils. They naturally condition your hair and improve the feel look of your scalp.

You Deserve To Celebrate Yourself Everyday In Every Way Possible

There are various products available in the market and online that claim to be natural, but it is essential to know the difference between natural and organic as a consumer. Tokenz brings you a hundred percent natural and organic khadi hair care products online for the best price you’ll find anywhere. Tokenz understands the phrase “treat yourself with the best” and strongly believes that your hair deserves the best treatment. Tokenz Khadi hair care product range has various options for you to choose what would suit you the best. From Khadi products hair oil to khadi products shampoo and conditioners, they have it all for you in all the varieties and sizes! Token Khadi hair care products online have the solution for all your hair related problems. Need a break from your dandruff problems? 

Tokenz has the best Khadi anti-dandruff hair oil! If your damaged hair is troubling you, Tokenz has various products like Khadi Herbal Sat for Damaged Hair, Khadi hair conditioner and damage repairand the list does not just stop here. If you are suffering from hair damage and have oily hair that greases up your head, Tokenz has a Khadi hair conditioner for Oily hair that will heal your locks in no time! These khadi hair care products made out of natural and organic ingredients like Bhringraj, Amla, Honey, and Herbal Sats are the holy grail you need to bring home today! Tokenz makes having salon-like hair, with zero chemicals involved naturally at home, possible with this exclusive range of products because your happiness is Tokenz’s motive.