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When most of us hear the word “Chocolate” or “Cookies” we relate it to the best-known treat in the world. Chocolate’s 4000-year-old history began in Latin America and till the modern-day; it has come a long way. Cookies, on the other hand, were first made in Persia in the 7th century. Chocolate and cookies as a gift are filled with affection and passion for all ages. The pairing of them together is the most indulgent delicacy of all times.

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Delicious Dry Choco Chip Cake

Rs. 350.00

Crunchy Gems Biscotti

Rs. 270.00

Amazing Combo Of Chocolate Box & Candy Jar

Rs. 460.00

Tempting Chocolate Box

Rs. 915.00

Premium Coffee Biscotti

Rs. 355.00

Mouth Watering Almond Cookies

Rs. 375.00

Exotic Chocolate Tray

Rs. 450.00

The "Fantastic Four" Cookies Set

Rs. 900.00

Delicious Christmas Special Almond Walnut Plum Cake

Rs. 720.00

Flavorsome Fruit Cake Slice

Rs. 350.00

Assorted Chocolate Pyramid Pack

Rs. 690.00

Luscious Chocolate Box

Rs. 1,050.00

Gorge On The Heavenly Delights With Tokenz's Cookies Online

When the festive bells ring around the corner, agree or not, our eyes and souls start searching for some sweet delights secretly. Most of us wait for the festive season or occasions just because of the treats they bring along. Out of the many options available in the market, some delights never lose their charm. In this forever charming and delectable category, one such sweet is chocolate while the other one is cookies. Toddler or not, chocolate and cookies will forever be our guilty pleasure. They are one thing we grow up eating, from hiding them from our mom when we were a child to ageing and hiding them from our doc, the child inside us can never have enough of them. We all are the same at the end of the day. Whether it's you or your loved ones, everyone loves and craves these sweets, and that is what makes them an even better gift. Tokenz is here to make everyone's inner child the happiest by presenting their assorted range of delectable chocolate and cookies online.

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Now Order Chocolate Gift Boxes & Cookies Online From Tokenz

When we talk about delicacies, we never skip our collection of cookies and chocolates. Trust us when you will start to gorge on them, there will be no turning back. Every bite tastes like heaven and will melt in your mouth, giving your tastebuds a flavorful kick. Result of hand-picked and fresh ingredients, our professionals work hard to make sure your cheat day is worth the while. Our range of chocolate gift boxes and cookies online gives you plenty of options when it comes to your taste and price range. We have many delicious and flavoursome options, even under 500INR. They will make sure that the budget doesn't become a problem when it's about the taste. Some of the great options include flavoursome fruit cake slices, evergreen chocolate chip cake, exotic chocolate tray, a fun combo of candies and chocolates, premium coffee biscotti, heavenly cheese biscotti, and many others. 

If you are someone who believes in the more, the merrier, then there are other great hampers in a different price range for you. Options include the fantastic four cookie hamper, which contains cookies of different flavors like chocolate chip cookies, etc. If you can't decide between cookies and chocolate, then you can buy cookies online with a chocolate box gift. We have a combination for every craving of yours, and that's what makes our collection desirable. Tokenz is a sure shot way to treat yourselves and your loved ones. All you have to do is a few clicks here and there to order cookies online or anything for that matter, and BOOM, you are all set. Our wide network and fast delivery will make sure that your delectable delights reach you as soon as possible and as fresh as possible. Send them to your near ones, and we will deliver your token of love with the utmost care at Tokenz. So wear your scrolling glasses and grab your bites this season with us.

Buy The Best Chocolates & Biscotti Cookies Online

Festive season or an occasion, Tokenz, the best online store will take care of all your needs. Exotic handmade cookies and handmade chocolates online are not our only specialty, and we say that out loud with pride. We also have an amazing collection of exquisite Christmas hampers that you and your loved ones will fall in love with at first sight. Did someone say Christmas? Now your mind must be thinking of other things you might need like plum cakes, Christmas decor, Christmas tree, etc. Don't worry! We have that too. Our lip-smacking dry cakes and bakery hampers will take care of your needs. This time indulge in your shopping spree for all your needs and wants at Tokenz. 

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