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Khadi Set Of 3 Body Wash Soaps

Rs. 210.00

Khadi Hand Sanitizer 250 ml

Rs. 125.00

Khadi Massage Oil

Rs. 260.00

Khadi Mix Fruit Face Wash

Rs. 175.00

Khadi Lemon Handwash

Rs. 120.00

Khadi Neem Aloevera Face Wash

Rs. 175.00

Khadi Oil Control Face Wash

Rs. 175.00

Khadi Set Of 3 Handmade Soaps

Rs. 210.00

Khadi Apricot Scrub Face Wash

Rs. 210.00

Khadi Aloevera Gel

Rs. 200.00

Khadi Honey Almond Body Lotion

Rs. 195.00

Khadi Hand Sanitizer 210 ml

Rs. 115.00

Natural Beauty Is The Best Beauty

It is truly said that natural beauty is the best beauty for anyone. Nature is wonderful and so giving. It brings you everything you need and still gives you more and more every day. Even though the world has decided to catch up with modern technology and artificial products to enhance their living ways, it is no hidden truth that natural remedies still rule the world. While artificial, conventionally available products serve the purpose you are looking for in a short period. Still, you don’t need a temporary fix, rather you deserve a permanent solution for your skin to feel like it can breathe. Your skin does not deserve a rushed treatment, but it needs gentleness and patience to heal and grow.

With clear and healthy skin, you feel confident and empowered, like you should feel all the time. Khadi skincare products are made with natural and organic ingredients like aloe vera, vitamins, minerals, oils, gels, and butters that may be obtained from the leaves of objects like nuts, seeds, or kernels. Khadi skincare products rejuvenate and repair the skin for you to feel your best self.

The Promise To Treat Yourself With The Best Of The Best

In recent years, people have diverted towards synthetic and comparatively more conventional products made out of heavy chemical-based formulas. These products are filled with heavy and strong chemicals that do eventually serve the purpose that they intend to finish, but in the process, they do end up eroding you of the natural components that you possess.

These synthetic products cause serious damage to your skin and refrain from enjoying your natural beauty. They make your skin dry, itchy, and leave various other side effects like pimples, acne, breakouts, and whatnot. Khadi Skincare products are natural and organic. They are made up of entirely natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin and leave a pleasing result. Khadi natural products are kind to your skin and leave a soothing and stimulating effect on your skin.

They clear up your skin and moisturize it naturally, giving you a glow that can only be attained naturally. Not just that, they are kind to nature too because of their biodegradable nature, which makes their decomposition very easy. Khadi skincare products are truly the holy grail for your skin!

Celebrate Yourself Because You Deserve The Attention

Khadi Skincare products are truly the best to offer your skin because you deserve to treat yourself to the best products. Tokenz understands the value of treating yourself well and giving yourself the best that you deserve. Hence, they bring you a collection of Khadi skincare products that will naturally leave your skin glowing and growing. Tokenz has various skincare products to offer you that would leave you with the best experience. From face washes to moisturizers, Tokenz has everything you need!

Suppose you are looking for a khadi face wash for oily skin, khadi body lotion for dry skin, or anything between a khadi aloe vera gel or khadi natural nourishing skin cream. In that case, Tokenz has you covered with everything that you need, available in one place. If you are looking for a Diwali gift for your loving mother, or a rakhi gift for your sweet sister, khadi skincare products are the best gift to get the lovely ladies of your life. Tokenz wants you to have the best out of the best because we understand and care for your well being, just like you would for yourself.