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A prayer or “Prarthana” in Sanskrit is an integral way to establish a connection with god. In Hinduism, some rituals are incomplete without the help of Puja essentials. The lota, Diya, Agardani, Chandan pyali, havan samagri, Chandan, Agarbatti etc have some spiritual significance and enhances our “bhao” or emotions in offering prayers towards our gods. These puja essentials assist in performing the traditional rituals to pay tribute to our gods and ancestors.

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Brass Chandan Pyali For Puja (2 Inches)

Rs. 325.00

Handcrafted Traditional Brass Mukkali Stand (3.5 Inches)

Rs. 522.00

Traditional Brass Kamal Agardan (2 Inches) with pair of Sugandhco...

Rs. 290.00

Plain Brass Traditional Kalash (5 Inches)

Rs. 945.00

Beautifully Designed Tarakamal Agardan (3 Inches) with pair of Sugandhco...

Rs. 375.00

Brass Chandan Pyali For Puja (1.5 Inches)

Rs. 170.00

Auspicious Ghada Pendi Brass Agardan (3 Inches) with pair of...

Rs. 365.00

Handcrafted Traditional Brass Mukkali Stand (3 Inches)

Rs. 840.00

Floral Pattern S3 Brass Agardan (3 Inches) with pair of...

Rs. 255.00

Handcrafted Traditional Brass Mukkali Stand (3 Inches)

Rs. 440.00

Long Handle Tortoise Incense Holder (7 Inches)

Rs. 310.00

Pack Of 10 Aromatic Incense Sticks

Rs. 350.00


Fill your home with the light of positivity on this festival of light with Tokenz’s collection of brass puja items online

Do you remember getting dressed for a grand puja on the festival of lights? When the echo of humble hymns creates an aura of positivity and happiness? Cheers, chants, and claps suddenly everything feels better, well that's what a grand Puja does on the grand festival of Diwali. Diwali is an auspicious festival to celebrate peace and prosperity while praying to endeavour more of them in the future. Along with the festival comes the rituals, and on this occasion, people worship god and goddess. Generally, people worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. The reason being, Lord Ganesha is considered a god of intellect and wisdom, while goddess Lakshmi is for wealth and prosperity. This holy ritual has its own sets of requirements or what you call puja essentials. With markets flooded and prices touching the sky, we often don't recognize the quality of the product we are buying. You don't want to compromise when it comes to something as sensitive as Diwali Puja. With, now you can get your hands on the most exquisite Diwali puja essentials online. From brass puja essentials, brass pooja items, to Diwali Diyas or idols of Lakshmi and Ganesha for Diwali, Brass wall Hangings, puja room items we have got you all covered for the big day.

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Explore Through Our Collection Of Authentic Brass Pooja Items Online

Starting from the essential things first, you require utensils to perform puja. To add an authentic touch to your rituals, we offer brass plates for puja and other brass pooja utensils you need to perform the ceremony. To name a few, we have pyali, Kalash, incense stick holder, lota, stand, and other items in our collection of brass puja items. Our beautifully designed Tarakamal Agardan comes in various designs along with sets of incense sticks. Their fragrance and aura will amp-up your day as soon as you light them. For the fragrance lovers, you can also stock up some great fragrant agarbattis with our pack of 10 Aromatic Incense Sticks. All of these will have a different aroma to make your day more beautiful and fragrant.

Our tradition and handcrafted brass pooja utensils, peetal ke bartan, brass pooja items, pooja articles are some rarely found gems for the price we have on our site. Most of the items you will find in our collection of Diwali puja essentials online are under 500, which makes them accessible for everyone. Brass puja items with the price so affordable and quality so high are now available at the comfort of your home, and just a click away with We will safely deliver them to you anywhere within our expansive network. They are not only pooja items online, but you can also offer them as a thoughtful gift on Diwali. Exchanging gifts is a part of Diwali, and presents like these make the gesture more special. They are like blessings in disguise, which your loved ones will love. You can thank us later for the idea.

Diwali Diyas Or Puja Kalash, Our Brass Pooja Utensils Online Are Perfect For Auspicious Occasion 

Brass utensils for puja are not only useful on Diwali but the events that will follow like Bhaidooj, Govardhan pooja, etc. Our brass plates for the pooja will make a perfect Bhai dooj tikka thali. has an expansive inventory not only of brass puja items online, but we also offer Diwali Diyas, brass Diyas, Aarti Diyas, Diwali sweets,beautiful home pooja room decor wall hangings, idol aarti diyas and other festive items on our site. Starting from Diwali Diyas, our collection includes handcrafted brass Diyas available in various designs like floral, Mysore batti, engraved, step Diwali Diya, etc. All of them have a sense of uniqueness and authenticity in them, and this makes them suitable for the occasion. Unlike others, this cost-friendly brass Diyas are reusable and ideal for any puja. Our collection of Diwali sweets includes sweets for everyone, from the toddler of your house to your granny. We have something for every person with a sweet tooth in your home. Starting from Indian delicacies like Karachi halwa, Kaju Barfi, Mewa bites, Batisa, pista rolls, and for the chocolate lovers of your house, we have Ferrero rocher hampers. We also offer varieties of dry fruits.

Tokenz presents a wonderful collection of colourful brass pooja items, puja room items and elaborately decorated Diwali puja essentials online along with other things you might need on the day. Scroll through our site, and explore the wonders with

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