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Diwali marks the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. In Bengal, it is dedicated to the worship of Kali- The goddess of strength. Celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartik, it is also said that Goddess Lakshmi roams the earth to bring happiness and fortune. Hence, everyone ensures their houses are clean, pure, and bright.


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Classy Chocolate And Votive Hamper

Rs. 490.00

Chic Set Of Two Votive Lanters (19*12 Cms)

Rs. 780.00

Fancy Perforated Metal Cottage Lantern Lights (30*16 Cms)

Rs. 650.00

Ethnic Gota Work Candle Holder Rangoli

Rs. 975.00

Beautiful Pearls, Beads & Stone Work Rangoli

Rs. 425.00

Vibrant Colored PomPom Rangoli

Rs. 775.00

Rajasthani Troupe With Ganesha Rangoli

Rs. 930.00

Dazzling Kundan, Zari, Pearls & Floral Rangoli

Rs. 1,675.00

Traditional Swastik & Kalash Pearls Rangoli

Rs. 1,000.00

Designer Stone & Kundan Work Rangoli

Rs. 1,175.00

Multicolored Ganesha Paisley Rangoli

Rs. 1,125.00

Auspicious Swastik Stone Work Rangoli

Rs. 1,125.00

Let The Festival Of Lights Light Up Your Life!

Diwali, or as many calls it- Deepawali, has to be one of the most awaited festivals in our Hindu community! The festival of lights is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in the Hindus and is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India, and other parts of the world. This festival dedicated to the almighty God Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi is a middle day in a 5 day-long celebration, also referred to as the Diwali week.

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There are many folklores attached with the celebration of this auspicious festival, one of the most popular tales is that on the day of Diwali Lord Ram and Sita returned to their kingdom from a 14 years long exile. Out of happiness on the return of the true king of Ayodhya, the subjects of the kingdom celebrated the day as if it was a festival, and since then this auspicious day is celebrated as the most loved festival of Diwali. It is the celebration of good over evil and it is widely celebrated because of the hope it brings into everyone’s lives!

During every festival, the house gets a makeover with cleaned out cupboards and reorganization, but during Diwali people usually start the cleaning and decoration process a month prior to the beautiful day because of the excitement and joy this festival brings. Now that your favorite festival is already around the corner, doesn’t this call for some Diwali decor shopping!


Buy Diwali Decor From Tokenz And Celebrate The Festival With Joy!

It is no hidden fact that there’s something magical about this festival that draws us to it like a moth to a flame. While other factors like reuniting with family, receiving and exchanging gifts, wearing new clothes, etc., do add to the excitement and joy behind this special event, it's the Diwali Decor that brings light to the evening! 

The beautiful and mesmerizing Diwali decoration is all about the glow, the radiance, and the beauty like that of the golden hue which radiates from the wick of the Candles and Diyas carefully placed around your house. It's the beautifully crafted lamps and the flickering fairy lights that add the real charm to this auspicious occasion. One may even say that it's the decor that binds you and your family together and brings you closer to each other. In our busy running lives and toxic obsession with adapting the western ways of living, abandoning our in-house culture, it's the festivals that bring us back to our roots. The decorating and cleaning process during the beautiful festival of Diwali, or Deepawali, makes you realize the beauty of the Indian culture. The Diwali decor beautifully placed around by the family together is a great bonding exercise which makes the festival even more beautiful!

For such a special occasion the decor needs to be something special that would reflect and compliment the occasion. But where do you find Diwali decor ideas like that? A lot of decoration ideas for Diwali are available in the market but their quality is unreliable and unoriginal. Don’t worry, Tokenz has got the solution for all your struggles! Tokenz is an online store that houses an impressive collection of unique gifts and decor ideas for all occasions! Be it Bhai Dooj gift ideas or Folk art paintings for home decor, we’ve got them all for you! If you are looking for unique and beautiful Diwali Decor online, then Tokenz is your one stop store! From lamps to Diwali diyas online, we have it all for you to enjoy your festival like it's meant to be celebrated! Our Diwali decor will light up your office, your home, and every other special place that holds importance in your life.


Get Gifts Delivered During Festivals Anywhere With Tokenz

Tokenz cares about your shopping experience and understands the struggles of lugging shopping bags around from shop to shop. Hence. We give you the exclusive luxury of getting your cart delivered to your doorsteps! From Khadi food products to Diwali Decor, we deliver it all for you to enjoy your best life like royalty!

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