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Semi Precious Stone Silver Pendants

9 Products

Classy Cabachon Quartz Scintilla Neckwear

Rs. 3,300.00

Ardent Amethyst Necklace

Rs. 2,310.00

Dazzling Quartz Fervour Necklace

Rs. 2,430.00

Alluring Quartz Necklace

Rs. 2,115.00

Feminine Quartz Symmetry Neckpiece

Rs. 3,030.00

Exquiste Tricolour Necklace

Rs. 2,925.00

Alluring Onyx necklace

Rs. 2,355.00

Stunning Labradorite Fascination Necklace

Rs. 2,838.00

Enchanting Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

Rs. 3,885.00

Check Out This Collection Of Exquisite Semi Precious Silver Pendants!

Did you know that pendants are the only piece of jewellery that has never gone out of style in all of history? We have been wearing jewellery in the form of necklaces and earrings of beads and colourful stones for centuries. But now, as trends have evolved along with us, we have a wide variety of materials to make elegant jewellery out of. It is one of the essential tools to express yourself and make a lasting impression. It is becoming hugely popular nowadays, especially to women, because of the way it enhances your beauty and makes you stand out. Women are so fond of jewellery that we can never leave the house without wearing at least one of our favourite accessories! The perfect piece of jewellery can enhance your outfit and give you a dazzling look that turns heads wherever you go. Whether it be a long dangling earring, a tiny glittering ring or a sweet and delicate pendant, Tokenz is here to fulfil all your fashion needs! The intricately made collection of semi-precious stone pendants is gorgeous and will have you falling in love the moment you set your eyes on it. These pendants adorned with the most mesmerising gemstones like quartz, moonstone and amethyst will make your outfit shine even more and give a charming look for a date night.

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Buy Beautiful Neckwear From Tokenz With Irresistible Designs That Will Wow You For Sure!

When you look at a necklace, the first thing you notice is the big, beautiful pendant that gives an enchanting appeal to it. Pendants are one of the timeless classics of jewellery and can go with absolutely any outfit. You can have fancy pendants for a slightly dressy look. Or you can wear delicate lightweight pendants for a casual day out. They go with skirts, dresses, and anything else you can pair it up with! Tokenz has come up with such a versatile collection of semi-precious gemstone silver pendants that will add a hint of fab to your jewellery collection! Get the ardent Amethyst necklace that just drizzles class and sophistication. You can wear it for a night out clubbing or when at a fancy dinner. The elegant Cabochon Quartz scintilla neckwear will give you all the charm you need to elevate your outfit. It is impossible to overlook the exquisite tricolour necklace that adds a splash of colour to your look and makes it fresh and inviting. You can always depend on this silver-plated pendant to make your clothing look alive when in doubt. Suppose you are someone who believes that wearing a gemstone will bring positivity and happiness into your life. In that case, you are already lucky because Tokenz brings you a mesmerising set of gemstone jewellery that includes elegant semi-precious silver plated pendants. Adding a gemstone to your accessory, preferably your birthstone, is believed to garner prosperity and hope. Take your pick from the best collection of gemstone pendants offered by Tokenz. Looking at the enchanting rainbow moonstone necklace will make you want to add it to your jewellery wardrobe desperately! 

Other Handpicked Products Offered By Tokenz

When you have finished shopping for pendants and exquisite necklaces to your heart’s content, have a look at the other amazing jewellery pieces! Order fabulous rings online that are made exquisitely with delicate designs and added charm. Gift it to your loved one to make your special day even more memorable!

If you are a lover of all things gorgeous, you cannot miss out on our collection of versatile earrings. Choose from dainty tiny studs to bold dangling earrings that will make your outfit stand out. While you take your leave, don’t forget to pick up that beautiful zari jewellery box to make a home for your lovely jewellery collection. Take a look at the authentic, high-quality products brought to you by Tokenz from the hinterland of India and admire the local Indian craftsmanship.



  1. What is the importance of semi-precious silver pendants?

    Semi-precious stones are known to bring several positive benefits to the wearer, like peace and harmony. Along with this, they also add a definite charm to your outfit and make you stand out. It is a classy piece of jewellery that is a must-have in everyone’s collection.


    1. What is the difference between a unique necklace, and a pendant?

    A necklace is a piece that goes around your neck, but a pendant is a small piece of jewellery that can be attached to an anklet, necklace chain or bracelet. 


    1. Is buying semi-precious stone pendants worth it?

    When you get the best quality stone pendants at a reasonable price, like at Tokenz, it is a golden opportunity to bring home these fabulous pieces of jewellery that will undoubtedly lift your jewellery collection to a greater level.
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