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Celebration Hamper Of Paan Raisin, Kulfi Almond & Lemon Cashew

Rs. 1,500.00

Nutritious Pack Of Dates

Rs. 400.00

Tangy Roasted Red Chilli Cashewnuts

Rs. 280.00

Amazing Hamper Of Nutties & Lemon Cashews With 2 Diya-Floral...

Rs. 1,200.00

Delicious Snack Pack Of Jumbo Cashewnuts

Rs. 960.00

Super Combo Hamper Of Paan Raisins & Chocolates

Rs. 775.00

Delicious Pack Of Raisins

Rs. 440.00

Mouthwatering Roasted Black Pepper Cashewnuts

Rs. 280.00

Impressive Hamper Of Pudina Cashew, Kulfi Almond & Diya Floral...

Rs. 1,325.00

Crunchy Delicious Pack of Jumbo Pistachios

Rs. 500.00

Fingerlicking Pack Of Premium Anjeer (Fig)

Rs. 720.00

Fingerlicking Roasted & Salted Coriander Cashewnut

Rs. 280.00

It's Time For Some Healthy Snacks - Order Dry Fruits Online At Tokenz

Dry fruits are an inseparable part of Indian culture and festivities. There is a trend of exchanging dry fruits as a token of regard amongst Indians on occasions. They are not a savored snack but comes along with many health benefits. They offer not only a luxurious taste but also a luxurious feeling and are a perfect gift to exchange during good times. When everyone is busy with binge-eating dry fruits makes an ideal choice for the conscious eaters as well without any guilty feelings due to their nutritional properties. In case you are looking out for something to balance out the crazy dessert delights or fried fritters going on in times of festivities, dry fruits are the perfect rescue. Tokenz brings you a wide range of premium dry fruits online so that when in need, you receive your online dry fruits hampers with no hassle and few clicks at home.

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Fistful Of Healthy And Scrumptious Snacking With Us, Now Buy Online Dry Fruits With Tokenz

One thing about dry fruits is they are full of options. With plenty of options available, you will hardly find anyone who doesn't like dry fruits at all, which makes them a versatile gift or snack to have at home. Tokenz collection will add the cherry on the top of this ice cream by bringing you even flavored dry fruits. After all, the tastier, the better. Are you a spicy lover? Then try our tangy roasted red chili cashew nuts, Delicious Tangy Masala Cashews, etc. Not a spicy fan but a sweet lover, don't worry fellas, we have something for you as well. You can gorge on our Paan raisins, kulfi almonds, or choose our online dry fruits that come with chocolates. 

Are you an appreciator of natural beauty and like things without any flavor alteration? Well, it is true one can never go wrong with BAE-sics. Starting from Jumbo anjeers, Pistachios, almonds, cashew nuts,  raisins, walnuts to even the exotic ones like dried blueberries, delectable apricots, seedless black raisins, nutritious dates, a gourmet pack of pine nut kernels, and many more. If you can decide which one to go for, you can opt for our salted and roasted range of Indian dry fruits.  Most of the options like cashew nuts, pistachios, almonds, and others come in salted variants. If you are wondering what makes Indian dry fruits such a great snack, there are many answers to it. For starters, dry fruits are full of rarely found micronutrients like iron, magnesium, calcium, and even contains rare found essential fatty acids. Other than the nutritional benefits, they keep our heart, brain, skin, bones, and even our soul with their enriching taste happy.  

Our dry fruits are fresh, high-quality, and the best of their kind. If you talk about reasonable rates, you will have many options to buy dry fruits online with us under INR 500 like our black pepper cashew, nutritious dates, pistachio, black raisins, dried apricots, and many others. We know it's hard to find dry fruits online India that has everything you ever want, from expected flavors to expected rates, but now you can find it all under one name Tokenz.

Tokenz Won't Hang You Out To Dry By Just Offering Online Dry Fruits

Don't worry! We got you all stocked-up for the occasions. We would further like you to know that we offer panjiri laddoo, mewa bites online, desi ghee sweets online, snacks online, apart from dry fruits India. Our collection of delectable delights is exemplary and lip-smacking present owing to the fact that they are versatile and not a trade-mark for any particular festival. Whether it's Diwali or Lohri, Eid or Christmas, someone's birthday, or any happy occasion, our products fit well in every celebration. When you choose Tokenz for dry fruits online, shopping, or snacks online, you will see many attractive hampers that are classy and well-packed.  We will also deliver it for you anywhere you like within our network. You can relax and rewind by sharing some share of your responsibilities with us, and we will be more than glad to be on board with you.

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