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Valentines Gifts

Valentine’s day has expanded to expression of love and affection between couples, friends and family. Traditional presents of candies and flowers have now extended to beautifully curated and crafted Valentine’s gifts. Most popular on this day is gifting red roses since it symbolizes beauty and love. The rose is also supposed to the favorite flower of Venus, the goddess of Love. Chaucer and Shakespeare romanticized this day in their work, making it all the more popular. This tradition has made its way to the new world with a plethora of gifting options.

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Cute Pink Teddy Bear, Season Of Love The Royal Gift...

Rs. 1,939.00

Cute Teddy Bear, Oveo The Royal Parfum Set of Four...

Rs. 1,789.00

White Photo Frame with customised message & French Essence Luxury...

Rs. 709.00

Money Plant with customised Planter, Feng Shui Crystal Tortoise with...

Rs. 1,039.00

Valentine Gift (Red Teddy With7 Pcs Chocolates with Signature Green...

Rs. 825.00

Photo Frame with customised message, Hoya Heart Plant with customised...

Rs. 1,240.00

Cute Pink Teddy Bear, Heart Shape Chocolates Cone & Heart...

Rs. 1,329.00

Cute Teddy Bear, Tart Baklawa, Ramsons U R Lovely Perfume,...

Rs. 2,129.00

Multocolored Washable Pouch made with recycled plastic with Shaving kid

Rs. 1,189.00

Envy Kiss Perfume for Women, Yardley London Be a star...

Rs. 1,169.00

White Photo Frame with customised message, Envy Kiss Perfume for...

Rs. 1,559.00

Valentine Hamper (Cute Cat Couple , Golden Rose with golden...

Rs. 2,569.00


Celebrate the season of love with gifts

Valentine’s day is the day of love that is celebrated with great enthusiasm and excitement all over the globe. This beautiful day that is celebrated in the memory of Saint Valentine, who sacrificed his life for the sake of encouraging love with no boundaries, is the most awaited occasion amongst young couples. Indeed, true love does not require one particular day to be celebrated, but Valentine’s day does not just mark a special occasion, it also opens several doors for young lovers to express their true feelings and go all out for their loved ones!

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Gifts are an essential part of Valentine’s Day celebration. Even with the right timing and day, sometimes it can be difficult to express how you feel for that special person using simple words. Gifts are an excellent way to express your love and affection for your loved ones and make them feel even more special on the day of love. Buy one of a kind Valentine’s day gift from Tokenz and conquer the day by bringing a heartwarming smile to your loved one’s face!

Buy the best Valentine’s Day gifts online by Tokenz

Choosing a gift can be very difficult at times, even with the right intentions, sometimes you just end up getting disappointed with the unoriginal and mediocre gift options that are available in the market. This is where Tokenz jumps in to help you out! Tokenz is your online one-stop gift shop that houses an amazing collection of different variety of gift options that are bound to steal your heart away. From handmade cakes to Valentine Gift Hampers, there’s something for every occasion. 

If you are on the hunt for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift, then check out our handpicked collection of carefully curated Valentine’s Day gifts and get your loved one a gift they will never be able to forget!

Make this Valentine’s even more special and get your gift delivered with Tokenz!

Shop with Tokenz and make your Valentine’s day even more special. Order your gift online and get it delivered to the love of your life in a nook or corner of the country in no time! Place your order from Tokenz and experience the best of online shopping.


What is the most popular Valentine gift?

Valentine’s day is a magical time that invites a lot of good memories and gives you a chance to reconnect with your life partner. It is the festival of love that harvests a warm and loving feeling which encourages you to be more affectionate than usual. During this time giving gifts is a very common practice. If one was to pin down the most popular Valentine gift, Valentine’s chocolates deserve the top spot on the list. Generally, gifts differ from person to person based on their preferences, but the infamous Valentine’s chocolates by Tokenz are always a part of the celebration of love. 

Which is the best Valentine gift for wives?

Giving your wife a gift on Valentine’s day is a very simple yet crucial step that you should never miss out on. It is most definitely important to express your undying love to your wife every day, but Valentine’s day is a special occasion that expects you to go the extra mile and get her a loving gift that she will cherish forever. While many surrenders with flowers and Valentine’s day chocolates, if you ish to get her the best Valentine’s gift then anything from your one-stop online gift shop, Tokenz, will do the trick for you! Explore through the impressive collection of a variety of Valentine’s day gift options and pick the one that she’ll love the most!

What should I gift my husband on Valentine's Day?

Picking out Valentine day gifts for men can be a very tricky task, it is also a very crucial step that you should never skip out on. Men are often not that expressive about their desires to be pampered and cared for, but just like any other woman, they wish to be treated the same. While shopping for Valentine’s day gift for your husband, you can either go with the classic Tokenz Valentine’s chocolates and flowers or explore a wide range of Valentine’s Day gifts online by Tokenz and get him something that you know he’ll appreciate to the fullest!

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