Zari Jewellery Boxes

Zari as art finds its origin from ancient Persia where artisans used silver and gold fine thread to skillfully weave on any surface. The art, however, flourished during the Mugal era when Zari work was used on different accessories along with fashionable outfits. Zari Jewelry boxes make the most royal chest to store your precious jewelry. Elegance is what identifies a Zari Jewelry box from a normal one. Presenting a lady with a traditional Zari Jewelry box during engagement has continued since the renaissance.

14 Products

Beautiful Bangle Box

Rs. 525.00

Fancy Jewellery Box

Rs. 460.00

Artistic Jewellery Box

Rs. 595.00

Esthetic Bangle Box

Rs. 590.00

Intricate Designed Bangle Box

Rs. 725.00

Gorgeous Bangle Box

Rs. 590.00

Classic Jewellery Box

Rs. 475.00

Zari Bangle Box

Rs. 1,185.00

Exquisite Chain Box

Rs. 985.00

Elegant Bangle Box

Rs. 525.00

Designer Jewellery Box

Rs. 1,185.00

Creative Jewellery Box

Rs. 920.00