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Zari Jewellery Boxes

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Esthetic Bangle Box

Rs. 690.00

Intricate Designed Bangle Box

Rs. 725.00

Zari Bangle Box

Rs. 1,385.00

Exquisite Chain Box

Rs. 985.00

Designer Jewellery Box

Rs. 1,385.00

Creative Jewellery Box

Rs. 920.00

Zari Jewellery Box

Rs. 875.00

Zari Work Bangle Box

Rs. 745.00

Beautiful Bangle Box

Rs. 525.00

Fancy Jewellery Box

Rs. 545.00

Artistic Jewellery Box

Rs. 695.00

Classic Jewellery Box

Rs. 475.00

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Zari (or Jari) is a fine gold or silver thread used in traditional Indian garments, especially as a brocade in saris. The thread is created by taking into consideration the fabric's intricate designs and patterns. The Zari thread origin dates back to the Mughal era, and mainly the Kings used a sign of glory while wearing clothes made out of it. Further, the design is highly delicate and can break if put to harsh use.

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Now when we talk about a jewellery box, it is also known by the name of Casket and is usually a box or a container that is used to store valuable items and jewellery. Jewellery boxes are highly delicate and handy for the traditional woman who keeps their useful things. has included a wide range of these jewellery boxes at its store and signifies the women’s engagement with the renaissance period. The collection consists of beautiful bangle boxes, fancy jewellery zari boxes, esthetic bangle boxes, designer bangle boxes, classic jewellery boxes, zari bangle boxes and various others. Further, the zari jewellery boxes are highly durable as the material used to make these boxes is wooden. The wood used to make these boxes is highly durable and keeps the box in the best condition even after repeated use. Suppose you are finding anything to store your entire valuable thing in one place without disturbing them and keeping them in pristine condition always. We assure our customers that we will not hamper the quality of the goods purchased at in any manner, and you will receive the best quality product at your doorstep. Now, let’s see how zari jewellery boxes are made and the reason behind them becoming popular these days.

Why is Zari jewellery so trendy?

You must be wondering why everyone is looking after Zari jewellery so much these days. The reason is pretty simple, and that is its aesthetic touch and finish. The jewellery is highly unique and comes in various intricate designs that make the person using it unique in every sense. Now, the zari jewellery is also fit for any occasion that you want to wear on. Women from various communities and artisans produce zari and made-ups for weaving, embroidery, crocheting, braiding, and other crafts. Additionally, approximately 100,000 child labourers build Zari in India who put all their efforts and skills into it. That’s why you can see the finish reflected in the jewellery. Metallic sari is a modernised version of ari, and it replaces traditional metals like gold, silver and copper. It is resistant, durable and light in weight. It is non-tarnishing and maintains its lustre for a considerable period. Hence, even after continuous and repeated use, the colour, material and design are not worn out, and the person uses them for a more extended period. So, for this reason, also, people prefer this jewellery very much and look for it.

How are zari jewellery cases designed? prefers those artists that use natural ingredients to manufacture products. That’s why all the items and products at are unique in their way. The earrings, zari photo frames, zari clutches, jewellery boxes, silver pendant, rings etc., are all made up of high-quality material. Caskets are often made of precious materials, such as gold, silver or ivory. Caskets in ancient East Asia were often made of wood, china, or silk. Any of these caskets may be used as ornamental boxes. The method for making Zari jewellery boxes, on the other hand, is a little different. We already deliberated upon the procedure and the material used for making zari jewellery, but the jewellery boxes are made by artisans that are skilled in it. Their motive is first to make a box that may be in any shape and size. After that, the decoration is done by adding the zari work all over it. Beautiful designs and patterns are created with a zari thread woven by hand to make elegant designs and patterns. In this manner, you get the best jewellery cases that are durable and very unique.

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