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Stylish Viva Baroque Pearl Ring

Rs. 880.00

Alluring Pearl D Adjustable Ring

Rs. 880.00

Intricate Gold Green Druzy Adjustable Ring

Rs. 1,000.00

Fashionable Cabachon Round Bead Ring

Rs. 840.00

Trendy Mother Of Pearl Ring

Rs. 1,000.00

Symmetrical Three Pearl Ring

Rs. 960.00

Vogue Cabachon Bead Rings

Rs. 840.00

Impressive Yellow Druzi Ring

Rs. 840.00


Buy Beautiful Rings Online And Flaunt Away!

Jewellery of any kind is timeless and very valuable to the wearer. People have been wearing and adorning themselves with jewellery since time immemorial, so much so that accessories have now become an important and irreplaceable part of fashion. Did you know that the first rings were discovered in ancient Egyptian tombs? Rings were once a significant indicator of social status in Rome. Most rings were made of iron in the early centuries of the Roman Republic, and gold rings were only worn by such classes, such as patricians in high positions. However, the jewellery should never be limited to a single person for an extended period of time. It makes its way to the right person to wear it. The importance of jewellery was known even to early humans as they wore necklaces and bracelets made out of seashells and beads. Jewellery is an important tool that helps a person express their individuality and make a statement. Like clothes, jewellery does not always work for others, it can be worn by anyone to feel more beautiful or stand out from the crowd. To feel the confidence of a woman wearing her favourite piece of jewellery is a treasure. Tokenz brings to you a gorgeous collection of unique rings that go with absolutely any outfit and will look super charming! We have a wide range of Rings for Women available in semi-precious stone gold polish as well as silver sterling. Go check out the fab ring designs and buy one for yourself or your loved one.

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Although marriage is a beautiful experience, rings aren’t always made for proposals. You can buy a ring for many other reasons. It makes a great part of any outfit and adds charm to your movements. Buy the best women rings online from Tokenz and flaunt your superior fashion sense. We have the most beautiful and elegant designs that you will definitely fall for. Buy a fashionable Cabochon round bead ring that will be the envy of all your friends! It is a delicate ring with precious Mother of Pearl in a flat cut kite-shape and polished with 18kt gold. Ask for a more breathtaking ring! The Intricate Gold Green Druzy adjustable ring is to absolutely die for and the colour is spectacular. It is an artisan handcrafted ring, embellished with the Green Druzy semi-precious stone. You will find such perfect craftsmanship and handpicked products here that you will surely want more! Rings are an important aspect of Hand Accessories Online. Rings sit beautifully in a variety of styles and materials and come in exquisite and delicate designs that really reflect who you are and strike a chord in the eye of the observer. Rings are the perfect gift for a loved one, to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary. Although it feels pretty special, you should not wait for someone to give you a ring to wear. Buy rings online on and gift one to yourself because you deserve it! A ring is special and will be remembered for a long time no matter what the occasion.

Other Exclusive Products Offered By Tokenz

We also offer a beautiful collection of jewellery other than rings. Buy earrings and pendants from Tokenz with the most exquisite and unique designs. You can also buy pretty bracelets of various kinds and adorn your wrist with them to go with your outfit. Now that you have bought all the jewellery, where are you going to keep it? Order a beautiful Zari Jewellery Box and store your jewellery in style. We also have a classy range of fragrant perfumes that you can wear when you have a date. Cherish precious memories with your loved ones with wooden and decorative picture frames from Tokenz. They are a very thoughtful and memorable gift!


Q1. What does a ring represent?

Rings are used to represent anything from loyalty, commitment, and eternity to the representation of a god throughout history. However, in today's world, the most common use of rings is to symbolise love in marriages and weddings.

Q2. What types of rings do you have?

Tokenz offers rings with semi-precious stones in gold polish and silver sterling. The different types of rings with unique designs are available with Cabochon beads, Green and Yellow Druzy stone, Mother of Pearls and Baroque Pearl Rings.

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