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Krishna Idols

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Shri Krishna Vasudev Brass Idol

Rs. 2,045.00

Celestial Couple Radha Krishna Brass Idol

Rs. 5,245.00

Divine Krishna Brass Idol

Rs. 1,390.00

Music Of Love Radha & Krishna Brass Idol

Rs. 3,990.00

Soulful Love Radha Krishna Brass Idol

Rs. 2,190.00

Divine Love Radha & Krishna Brass Idol

Rs. 3,890.00

Murlimanohar Krishna Brass Idol

Rs. 5,440.00

Marvelous Radha Krishna Colourful Brass Idol

Rs. 3,696.00

Magnificent Krishna Brass Idol

Rs. 990.00

Buy Radha Krishna Brass Murti Online From Tokenz

Lord Krishna or also known as Kanhaiya, Banke Bihari, Shyam, Nandlal, and many other names, his blessings are one of the purest ones. Lord of love, kindness, compassion, and charm, he never failed to attract gopies and now his devotees. He is known to have a magical aura around him, which becomes even more enchanting when he is with Radha. Radha Krishna is known for their companionship and eternal love. Their companionship is known to be the strongest and purest version of love. Now it's time you bring some of that positivity and love into your home by placing Radha Krishna murti. Radha Krishna idols won't only act as a blessing and create an aura of positivity, but they will add a touch of elegance and charm to your home. To make it even better, Tokenz offers you a brass Krishna idol, which is known to be more auspicious and even a greater symbol of positivity.

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Invite The Bliss Home With Our Collection Of Radha Krishna Brass Idols Online

Our range of lord Krishna statues, Radha Krishna brass idol, Krishna brass idols, and Radha Krishna idol for home involves various exquisite brass designs. They come in different forms and have different price ranges according to your needs. If you want a brass Krishna idol with a flute, then some of our beautiful Krishna idols for home are like Murli Manohar Krishna brass idol, Divine Krishna Brass idol, Krishna murti online and Shri Krishna Vasudev brass idol. They all are an exemplary display of beauty and grace. If you have a fetish for Radha Krishna brass idol, then you can choose from Soulful love Radha Krishna brass idol, beautiful Radha Krishna murti, divine love Radha & Krishna brass idol, celestial couple, or the musical love. They all are very soulful and appropriate for personal use.

Radha Krishna idol, Radha Krishna Murti or Krishna idol online for home at Tokenz is the right choice not only for you but for your near and dear ones as well. If you want to give someone an anniversary gift, or maybe a newlywed gift, then you need to go for Radha Krishna Idol’s online shopping. Other than that, you can give them to anyone as they are pure blissful blessings. For the spiritual ones in your home, our marvellous Radha Krishna brass idol will be forever close to their hearts, or for that matter, every idol is exotic in its way. One thing you don't have to worry about is our quality. We know how much importance they carry for you, and they are crafted, keeping in mind the same.

From Hindu God Idols To Handicrafts; Bring Blessings & Grace Home With Tokenz

We believe blessings should not be limited, so why should our range be? At Tokenz, we not only have Radha Krishna idols, Krishna brass idols, Radha Krishna murti for the home temple, but we also have other Hindu god idols, and that too in beautiful designs. To name a few, we have buddha idols, Ganesha idols, Devi idols, and others. All of them will surely calm and compose your spiritual inner sense, as they are perfect to create an aura of positivity. To make your place even more graceful, you can also explore our Rajasthani paintings and Indian handicrafts online store. Bring home only the best of the best with Tokenz.


What is the right placement for Krishna idol?

One can place Krishna idols anywhere from their hall to the main living room, office, reception area, etc. According to Vastu and astrology, it should face East to West or West to East to preserve its energy.

What is the right placement for Radha-Krishna idol at home?

As Radha-Krishna idol signifies love, one can place it in bedrooms, especially couple bedrooms, for best results. One can also place it in halls or your main area of the home. Always remember it should never face towards north or south.

What is the significance of Krishna and Radha Krishna's idol?

Lord Krishna is the god of kindness, tenderness, and love. He is one of the most worshipped amongst Indian divinities. On the other hand, Radha and Krishna are known for their love, strength, and bond.

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