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Unisex Aromatic Azeemah Fragrance

Rs. 700.00

Aromatic Sanket And Utsav Fragrance Combo

Rs. 1,120.00

Fascinating Sanket Fragrance for Men

Rs. 560.00

Enthralling Sama Fragrance for Women

Rs. 580.00

Heavenly Utsav Fragrance for Men

Rs. 749.00

Fragrant Sama And Noor Combo

Rs. 590.00

Combo of 5 Luscious Fragrances

Rs. 1,750.00

Captivating Utsav And Mehboob Fragrance Combo

Rs. 810.00

Shan-e-Awadh Incense Stick Combined With Sanket & Utsav Fragrance

Rs. 1,260.00

Exotic Pack Of Hayaa And Sama

Rs. 1,120.00

Fresh & Modern Fruity Hayaa Fragrance

Rs. 560.00

What is grooming and what is its significance?

Grooming refers to taking care of one’s appearance and well being. It includes maintaining healthy hair, skin, face, nails and so on. Even animals have their method of grooming. There are several benefits associated with grooming such as it gives you self confidence by influencing your appearance affecting the way you regard yourself, it reflects professionalism in situations where it is required for example- a workplace where your code of conduct should be formal and grooming should be according to it, it gives you respect as by grooming you are respecting yourself and the other person will have no option but to do the same, it enhances or increases health and hygiene as it eliminates bacteria, germs or unhealthy practices like nail-biting etc.

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Tips for grooming the right way

  • Invest in good quality deodorants or perfumes 
  • Use mouthwash as an alternative when toothpaste is not available
  • Invest in good quality skin products like a balm
  • Always carry essentials like face wipes etc with you
  • Trim your beard frequently
  • Have warm showers, not hot
  • Moisturise everyday
  • Change your toothbrush every 2-3 months
  • Sleep well and see the magic on your skin, hair, the way you feel etc
  • Trim nose or ear hair, if any
  • Use sunscreen in summers etc

But the main question which arises is where to buy the best quality grooming products? Well, tokenz is the answer, we provide a wide range of grooming items such as men’s grooming kit or grooming essentials, grooming kit for women, and many other personal care products online such as fragrant Sama and noor combo with the mesmerizing smell of amber or vanilla in sama and amber or jasmine in noor, enthralling sama fragrance for women reflecting a well-balanced fragrance which ladies can use to differentiate themselves from others etc.

Tokenz - your one-stop destination

Tokenz provides a platform where you can buy shampoo online or buy skincare products online, khadi products, clutch bags, perfumes online etc, it provides all of the trending or best quality items at one place at a reasonable price as we believe in customer satisfaction or providing the best to our customers without focusing on the profit point of view.

Tokenz handicraft store was a result of innovation in the times of adversity with the vision of bridging the gap between items of traditional expertise and customers due to which each item is handpicked from the hinterland of India to breathe life into the lost legacies or forgotten craft. We provide fast delivery or international shipping option as with time the hassle of finding good quality items has increased, so we want to make you familiar with the luxurious side of shopping where you can order your favourite items from anywhere or from the comfort of your home right at your doorstep. Shopping has never been easier, buy grooming items now and become a part of the tokenz family, availing great offers or discounts.


How are such good quality products provided at such reasonable prices?

Tokenz came into being in 2020, looking at the adversity we thought of uplifting traditional craft or expertise by travelling to hidden streets of India and providing each of those items at your doorstep. Our values are a key force which helps us align our organization towards customer sensitivity with focus on even the intricate details to surpass what the customers expect from us. Our attitude, behaviour, action or delivery has been reflecting years of sourcing or bringing marketplaces together online without focusing on the profit side.


What makes tokenz different from other online shopping platforms?

Tokenz provides all the best quality items in one place at the most reasonable prices, we are at constant work to make your experience even more smooth or comfortable, due to which our interface is one of the most user-friendly interface categorising products into paintings, home and living, jewellery and accessories, food and essentials or occasions etc with multiple payment options and fast delivery all over the world. Instead of being in the profit business, we are more focused on promoting our economy or bridging the gap between the lost crafts or legacies and customers

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