Beads & Pearl Rakhi Threads

In Sanskrit, Rakshabandhan means “tie of protection”. When simple cotton, silken or satin thread is beautifully decorated with pearls and beads the expression of love for the brother grows multi folds. With the glittering of beads and elegance of pearls adorned in the Rakhi, the million dollar smile on the sister’s face wins the brother’s heart.

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Sandalwood Beads Rakhi With Colourful Mauli

Rs. 210.00

Wooden Beads Rakhi

Rs. 250.00

Antique And Sandalwood Beads Mauli Rakhi

Rs. 210.00

Elegant Wooden Beads Rakhi

Rs. 180.00

Scintillating Pearl On Mauli Rakhi

Rs. 220.00

Wooden Beads And Golden Piece Rakhi

Rs. 195.00

Alluring Beads Rakhi

Rs. 250.00

Beautiful Premium Golden Beads Rakhi

Rs. 190.00

Crystal Flower And Wooden Beads Rakhi

Rs. 410.00

Silver Oxidised Wooden Beads Rakhi

Rs. 175.00

Designer Multistrands Beaded Rakhi

Rs. 275.00

Rakhi With Beautiful Stone And Beads

Rs. 320.00


Your sibling is the lens through whom you see your childhood; celebrate them.

They say, "Siblings are the children of the same parents, who are perfectly normal until they get together." Well, why not? No other relationship has that level of craziness, innocence, and sacrifice. They are your night-time snack companion, your saviour in a boring party, and god's version of best friend for you. With whom you can have a never-ending fight upon stealing your t-shirts, but in the parallel, you are ready to give them your kidney. We understand; there is nothing in between. In India, we celebrate Raksha-Bandhan for this ride-or-die relationship, in which one is supposed to tie the rakhi around the other's wrist. Because this relationship is so unique, it does deserve some special rakhi that speaks volumes about your relationship.

Why must you try Beads and Pearl rakhi to express your love?

A bond between two siblings is sacred. No matter how many hurdles may come in between, siblings make their way throughout with a smile. For a more substantial relationship than all the forces and is supposed to be there for a lifetime, you need to thank them with a rakhi that is as unique as them. We believe that pearl and beads threads would do the justice of expressing your bond because your relationship is strong and doesn't lose its shine no matter how many years come and go, just like a pearl. A combination of beads and pearls in a thread looks aesthetically pleasing and makes it look authentic yet contemporary. You can find a complete assortment of pearl thread rakhi design online. With so many different types of beautiful patterns, such as Lord Ganesha, Swastika, Shri, Veera, and so many more, there is no limit to variety to buy beads and pearl threads online. With delicate and intricate creative beads and stone works to a classy metallic finish, you will find something that matches your brother’s persona and the colours of your relationship.

Why at Tokenz?

With so much love and even more nuisance, the bond between siblings never fails to amaze. But sometimes, distance takes the test of the strength of this relationship. The energy of the festival of Raksha-Bandhan comes down when you don't have your sibling around. We at Tokenz make sure that the charm of Raksha-Bandhan doesn't fade away. We craft unique rakhis like rudraksha rakhis, Mauli rakhis, beads rakhi and make sure we send them to your brother, no matter where he is. If you make it yourself, you can check how to make beads rakhi? If you are the one who is staying overseas, worry not. You can send beads thread to brother online, right here in India! We know that you may be miles apart, but you are still connected by the heart.