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Handmade Chocolates

The easiest way to delight someone is with fresh and handmade premium chocolates. Dating back to Aztecs, chocolate was viewed as more precious than gold. The cacao tree was a gift from Quetzalcoatl, a primordial god of creation, life, intelligence and self-reflection. From the humble cacao bean to cocoa powder, chocolate has evolved in many shapes and forms to be one of the most favorite delicacy of all times. Chocolatiers come up with their own special mix of ingredients to produce the delectable “Handmade Chocolates”.

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Tempting Chocolate Box

Rs. 915.00

Amazing Combo Of Chocolate Box & Candy Jar

Rs. 460.00

Luscious Chocolate Box

Rs. 1,050.00

Assorted Chocolate Pyramid Pack

Rs. 690.00

Exotic Chocolate Tray

Rs. 450.00


Buy Handmade Chocolates And Fill Your Day With Sweetness 

There’s no hiding the obvious when it comes to chocolates and everyone’s love for them. No meal is ever complete with a sweet dish to complete it. No birthday or special occasion is ever concluded without a box of chocolates that make the occasion even more special. Chocolates play a very important part in our day to day lives because they don’t just bring up our serotonin level, but also remind us of simpler times. They give us a valuable life lesson to live in the moment and adapt a momentary calm that is going to take over our mood and day. Chocolates allow us to embrace that child-like side that we have to stifle when it comes to day to day things, and gives us the chance to just be our real self!

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Order Handmade Chocolates From Tokenz And Make Your Day Even Better!

Tokenz is an online store that houses an impressive collection of a variety of products that are bound to steal your heart away. From Christmas decor, Christmas cakes, Christmas gift ideas, to Biscotti cookies and Brownies, they have it all available at one stop! The collection of handmade chocolates available by Tokenz are specially made chocolates that are curated to add more sweetness to your festive celebrations. Hand made chocolates have always been very popular in every household because of their unique taste and quality, handmade chocolates by Tokenz give you the chance to enjoy authentic handmade chocolates that are free of any artificial products or preservatives and serves you the real taste of handmade chocolates.

These exotic handmade chocolates are prepared with utmost care and hygiene while keeping in mind the taste preferences of all the individuals. They are carefully curated for gifting as well as consumption purposes and come in beautiful packaging that adds on to the charm of these one of a kind chocolates. Try all the chocolates from the tempting chocolate box to the Luscious chocolate box and bring home the taste of real chocolate for a very minimal cost!


Get The Best Handmade Chocolate Box Delivered To Your Doorsteps Today!

Why wander the markets to just purchase a box of machine-made chocolates that are going to hurt your health in future? With Tokenz you get the opportunity to buy the best handmade chocolates while sitting in the comforts of your home! Get the best chocolate gift boxes delivered to you and your friends and family to all nooks and corners of India and make another sweet memory to enjoy. 



What does one mean by Handmade Chocolates?

As the name suggests, handmade chocolates are not made by machines, like any other chocolate that you find in the market, but each chocolate is by the Master Chefs who use their finest sourced ingredients. Our handmade chocolates are products made with love and care because we care about your pleasant experience and wish you to taste the best chocolate with every bite.

What’s better- Handmade chocolates or Machine made chocolates?

Chocolates that are made in factories with the help of machines generally rely on the quantity of the products rather than its quality. They usually have unhealthy amounts of oils and fats added to the chocolate in order to thin it out so it does not clog up the machine. With handmade chocolates, you don’t have to deal with adulterated products.

Another key difference between the two kinds of chocolates is that, since machine made chocolates are more focused on the quantity of the product, they are not up to the mark in terms of hygiene because it is rather difficult to clean all motor parts. With, Tokenz handmade chocolates you get the assurance of having the experience of the best chocolates that are made in the best conditions like you deserve to enjoy them.

Are there any preservatives in handmade chocolates?

Handmade chocolates by Tokenz are completely free of all preservatives and adulterated products. Tokenz cares about giving you the best products and therefore refrains from using only natural ingredients to deliver to you the best handmade chocolates.


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