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India boasts of being the “Land of Festivals” owing to its rich diversity. From the lighting of diyas during Diwali to playing with colors in Holi, with a sister tying the sacred thread on Rakshabandhan, colorful raas Garba during Navratri, bonfires of Lohri, the gigantic pandals of Durga Puja, mesmerizing clay idols of Ganesh Chaturti, to the “feast of breaking fast” in Ramzan, the potpourri of festivals and celebrations gives a glimpse of the culture of our country. The festivals of India are deep-rooted in mythology. For example, the mythology in celebration of Diwali is the return of Lord Ram & Sita to Ayodhya. However, there are other stories like Narakasura being killed by Krishna, the rescue of goddess Lakshmi, the crowning of King Vikramaditya, and the return of Pandavas after the exile that Diwali is celebrated for. Westernization amongst Indians has led to the celebration of a variety of festivals like Christmas, Valentine, New Year’s eve, etc.

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Buddha In Meditation Brass Colourful Idol

Rs. 1,010.00

Awesome Combo Of Dryfruit Sticks & Cheese Sticks

Rs. 400.00

Festivity Hamper Of Rudrakshi Deep, Batisa Slice & Roasted Pistachios

Rs. 1,700.00

Floral Set Of 6 Traditional Clay Diyas

Rs. 285.00

Choco Dipped Khajoor Laddoos 200 gms with Tikka

Rs. 725.00

Choco Dipped Coconut Laddoos 200 gms with Tikka

Rs. 725.00

Awesome Karachi Halwa Box (500 gms)

Rs. 560.00

Shan-e-Awadh Incense Stick Combined With Sanket & Utsav Fragrance

Rs. 1,260.00

Perfume Miniatures With Amazing Chocolate Box

Rs. 4,250.00

Haya & Sama Fragrance Combined With Heart Chocolates

Rs. 2,400.00

Exotic Sama & Noor Fragrances With Heart Shaped Chocolates

Rs. 1,675.00

Aesthetic Haya Fragrance With Chocolate Truffle

Rs. 1,250.00