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Karwa Chauth, celebrated by married women of North India falls on the fourth day after Poornima in the month of Kartik. After a day-long fast, the woman is offered water and food by her husband on moonrise. Women dressed in the best of traditional attire exchange Karwas or clay pots with each other. They offer their prayers to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. On this day, husbands pamper their wives with lavish gifts

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The Significance Of Celebrating Karwa Chauth In Our Culture

The significance and the history of Karwa Chauth in our culture have been there for a long time. It is celebrated, so showcase how much your spouse means to you. Starting from the karwa chauth shringar, there are some auspicious celebrations which are done to improve the bond between a wife and a husband. 

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How Is It Celebrated?

From sunrise till moonrise, the wife has to keep fast for her husband. To make sure they have a caring family afterwards, it is really important for the wife to fast for the husband and his will to live longer. 

On Karwa Chauth Arghya is offered to moon through Karwa, an earthen pot. It is celebrated on the fourth day of the dull fortnight in the Kartika month every year. The wellspring of this celebration is still very murky yet there are a few accounts related with this celebration. A portion of these accounts that are assessed are described under which uncovers the explanation behind this festival.

How Did The Celebration Of Karwa Chauth Come Into The Light?

It was said that Arjuna was once self-penalized for stripping Draupadi. And his other brothers were involved in the act. This is how the famous unraveling went into the books of history, and how the festival of karwa chauth was celebrated. 

Lord Krishna was asked to save her from the treacherous act which was being played on her. This happened and when Lord Krishna arrived, he granted Draupadi endless materials of clothing so they could not strip her off her shringar. 

The story of Karwa is the same as well. She had immense love and care for her husband and she wanted to show him how devoted she was towards him. Once her husband got into the bathing river and was attacked by a crocodile on his way. This made her swear to the Gods and this is why the name came to be known as Karwa Chauth. While bounding the crocodile with the yarn that she got, she swore to take revenge on her husband’s death and remembered the God of death, Yama. 

He was summoned and was asked to bring her husband back to which he said that every once in a while, people will celebrate her husband's life by praying and asking the gods to help their husbands put a better bond. 

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