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Mysore Wooden Inlay Paintings

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Happy Elephant Family Oval Wooden Panel Painting

Rs. 2,750.00

Mesmerizing Krishna Oval Wooden Inlay Panel

Rs. 3,050.00

Fishermen At Work Wooden Painting

Rs. 2,795.00

Gita Upadesh Mahabharata Mysore Rosewood Inlay Painting (24*18.5 Inches)

24*18.5 (Inches)

Rs. 8,500.00

Playful Elephant Family Oval Wooden Painting

Rs. 2,950.00

Ethereal The Last Supper Mysore Rosewood Inlay Painting

30*18*1.7 (Inches)

Rs. 8,500.00

Divine Playful Krishna Wooden Panel Painting

Rs. 2,775.00

Traditional Lord Balaji & Padmavati Mysore Inlay Rosewood Painting (18*30*1.7...

18*30*1.7 (Inches)

Rs. 13,500.00

Lord Balaji Wooden Oval Painting

Rs. 2,890.00

Inspirational Rural Life Mysore Rosewood Inlay Painting (24*18 Inches)

24*18 (Inches)

Rs. 8,100.00

Prosperity Goddess Lakshmi Wooden Inlay Painting

Rs. 2,990.00

Sacred Lord Ganesha Mysore Rosewood Inlay Painting (24.5*18.5 Inches)

24.5*18.5 (Inches)

Rs. 9,500.00


Experience The Fifty Shades Of Wood With Mysore Rosewood Inlay Paintings

The Mysore art is the emblems of excellence arising from the classical South Indian painting in the town of Mysore, Karnataka.  These strokes of art are famous for their composure, subdued colors, and consideration of detail. The skill of sculpting wood and composing artwork such as these are called Wood Inlay. Artists in Mysore, Karnataka spend days, and sometimes months to create a classic. With the coming ages, different types of wood are being used by modern artisans. A vivid 'painting' does not have a dash of color on this canvas.

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Mysore wooden painting is not just made-up of wood. These inspiring wall-adorning pieces of art consume days of devotion and hard work of the artists of Mysore, Karnataka. Tokenz efforts to bring you a handful of earth, finely tossed on these wooden canvases, or what we call Mysore Rosewood Inlay paintings for you. We at Tokenz are determined for bringing unmitigated art from the roots of our country and delivering it across the Globe. Mysore traditional or wooden paintings are not just a handful of earth from India's countryside - they are about celebrating the rustic.

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Starting from drafting and illustration, carpentry, hand cutting, and shaping of motifs to shoveling the exact pattern on the rosewood surface, creating this magnificent piece of art is not a cakewalk. All of this is just half of it. The final touches involve sandpapering, smoothing, engraving the details, all of this combined results in exquisite, unparalleled craftwork that successfully captures the essence of Indian art.

Traditional Mysore paintings exhibit a glimpse of rural life, celebrations of local festivals, royal weddings, Nature, animals, inscriptions of Islam, motifs, gods and goddesses, etc. It may be just wood, but all the colors from the natural lumber literally bring life to the Mysore Rosewood inlay work.

If you want some rustic piece of art to decorate your rooms, here are some Mysore rosewood inlay paintings that can be a perfect fit for you from our collection. To name a few, Fishermen at work, playful elephant family, a tribe of elephants, parrots in the wilderness, mystic horses, and many more variants in these traditional Mysore paintings are the right choice. They all are raw, beautifully composed, and suitable for any place. Are you more of a spiritual or a religious person? Then you can choose one of these from our collection of Mysore style paintings. Divine Krishna playing the flute, blessings of Ganesha, enchanting Lord Shiva and Parvati, knowledge goddess Saraswati, prosperity goddess Laxmi, Lord Balaji, dancing Radha and Krishna, Gita updesh, and other similar Mysore art are a perfect match for you. Some of them can even be placed on your entrance, study rooms, and guest rooms to give more positive and aesthetic vibes.


Made With Love And Made In India, Get Your Hands On Mysore Handicrafts Online At

The collection of our Mysore handicrafts online are available at affordable rates. Most of the paintings are under the benchmark of thousand INR, which makes them possible for everyone. Mysore style paintings are not just carved out of wood, but the blood and sweat of the craftsman. We promote craft, and there are many options for you apart from Mysore handicrafts. We offer Indian mythological paintings, animal abstract painting, palm leaf paintings, folk art paintings for sale. They are an ideal choice, as they promote not only made in India, but their rustic charm and exquisite composition make them a must-have. You can scroll through our site to know more about them. 

They are a perfect gift to give your loved ones on any occasion. Paintings are a perfect gift because they express emotions that no set of words can and just in a glance. The beautiful craftwork of Indian artists suffers a fear of a bleak future, as there is a lack of interest among our new generation to opt for the rich Indian craft as a career and the ever-rising costs of raw materials and a decrease in demand. We can preserve our heritage and promote it at the same time by investing in our traditional art. 

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