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Delectable Combo Of Dryfruits Mix & Mini Suhaal

Rs. 1,200.00

Delectable Box Of Mini Samosa

Rs. 480.00

Crunchy Delight Kaju Dalmoth

Rs. 520.00

Delicious Combo Of Achari Mathri & Kaju Dalmoth

Rs. 840.00

Tasty Snack Combo Of Sembeej Dalmoth & Pudina Dalmoth

Rs. 840.00

Tasty & Tangy Dryfruits Namkeen CAN

Rs. 960.00

All Time Snack Bikaner Bhujia

Rs. 275.00

Tasty Box Of Mini Khasta

Rs. 300.00

Tasty Box Of Achari Mathri

Rs. 320.00

Crispy Box Of Namakpara

Rs. 210.00

Delicious Tea Snax Mini Suhaal

Rs. 240.00

Mouth Watering Mini Mathri & Bikaner Bhujia

Rs. 600.00

Crispy Delights To Satisfy Your Savory Cravings- Get Namkeen Snacks Online

India is known for its spices and flavorful curries all over the world. Every region in India has its own blend of flavours and spices which one can taste in almost everything. Especially snacks, they all might look the same but once they hit your taste buds the true flavors are unleashed leaving your mind, body, and soul craving for more. The slight heat of Bikaneri bhujia, mini samosa the sweet and spicy mix of Gujarati namkeen snacks, the crunch of mini samosas, the mouth-watering flavour of achari mathris from north India, and much more are the perfect partner of tea and coffee. 

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Find such perfect partners for your tea or coffee remembering those good old family times with this amazing range of Indian snacks online. These snacks will make you crave for more. They are delicious, spicy, tangy, and filled with the wholesome goodness of fresh spices and ingredients just the way you remember from childhood days. 

Buy Mixture Snacks Online And Get Flavors Of India In Your Kitchen

Indians are crazy about food especially sweets and savory snacks. From preparations of desi ghee with a generous dose of sugar to something super spicy and tangy, one can get everything here. Every state or part of the country has its unique flavor which is reflected in snacks of that region. However, if you are missing something from back home, now you can get it with a wide range of sweets and Indian snacks online. 

Try namkeen salted and roasted dry fruits, crispy savoury cookies, tangy masala mathris, bikaneri bhujia, mini samosa simple and salty namakpare, and delicious mewa bites online. Buy mixture snacks online and keep them in the cupboard stocked for all times with these delicious Indian snacks. Whether you wish to try a new flavour of spicy mixture snacks and khasta mathri online or want to remember those flavours of childhood, Tokenz is the place to get them all. To ensure that your favourite bhujia namkeen and snacks reach you in proper condition, they are packed properly especially for the long haul. 

Delicious Gift Ideas For Every Occasion - Namkeen Snack 

Everyone gives décor pieces or Ganesha idols during festive occasions or auspicious events like weddings. Although they are appropriate, such gifts often lack practicality or personal touch. If you are looking for a perfect present for a friend or family member living away from you, gift them special hampers of namkeen mixture and sweets. 

For a friend who was craving for laddoos all this time, getting desi ghee sweets online will indeed bring a smile to his or her face. Give a box of achari mathris,khasta mathri, mini samosa, namkeen snacks to a family member who is missing them away from home. To surprise your loved ones on a special occasion, you can also combine sweet and savoury Anyone and everyone will love to receive such a delicious gift.

You can buy snacks online along with sweets on Tokenz. Everything is checked several times for their quality, sending nothing but pure love and delicious snacks on your behalf to your loved ones. They also take online snack orders if you are craving something. Tokenz delivers internationally as well as covering major countries all around the world.  

Shop Savory Indian Snacks Online On Tokenz 

Finding your favourite snack available whenever you are craving it is the best thing ever. However, when you are living away from home in a far off corner of the country or any other foreign land, it can be a bit difficult. Bringing you the vast world of Indian snacks and namkeens from every corner of the country Tokenz is here with its delicious range of savoury snacks. You can now buy all kinds of sweets and savoury snacks such as mini samosas, Kaju Barfi, dry fruits online, namkeen mixtures, mathris, and various types of cookies that are popular in India wherever you are. 

With this one-stop-shop for everything Indian, you can now send your love and blessings with a box of yummy snacks and sweets like panjiri laddoo anywhere in the world. Not just snacks and sweets, you can also get paintings, gods and goddesses, puja accessories, decoration, and everything you need for celebrating various festivals online. To order snacks online internationally or in India, Tokenz is the best place to give you a taste of childhood days during festivals or when you are craving for it.

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