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Diwali Diyas

Diwali, the festival of lights, falls on a new moon day when there is pitch darkness. The radiance of Diwali diyas signify prosperity, good luck and purity. The word Deepavali is derived from the words – Deep, meaning Diya and Avali meaning series. Traditionally, the diyas are lit in ghee or mustard oil. The core essence of Diwali is “Tamso-ma-jyotir-gamaya” or moving from darkness to light.

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Majestic Kerala Special Deep (19 cm / 7.5 Inches)

Rs. 279.00

Traditional Set Of 7 Handpainted Clay Diyas

Rs. 475.00

Nanda Sampat Brass Deep With Handle (10 cm / 2.5...

Rs. 565.00

Om Traditional Tulsi Clay Handpainted Diya

Rs. 240.00

Sublime Rudrakshi Brass Deep (25 cm / 10 Inches)

Rs. 910.00

Elegant Set Of 4 Handpainted Clay Diyas

Rs. 395.00

Brass Uddipi Deep (11 cm / 4.5 Inches)

Rs. 190.00

Shri & Om Handpainted Set Of 2 Tulsi Diyas

Rs. 395.00

Traditional Set Of 4 Handpainted Diyas

Rs. 445.00

Divine Ganesha Lakshmi Brass Idol Diyas

Rs. 4,590.00

Gulab Aarti Wooden Handle Special Deep (10 cm / 4...

Rs. 750.00

Ethnic Set Of 7 Handcrafted Diyas

Rs. 495.00

Add Extra Brightness To Your Diwali This Year!

Diwali is one of the most celebrated and awaited festivals of the Hindu community. It is one festival that is celebrated by Hindus in every part of the country, and other parts of the world where they reside. Diwali is celebrated to enjoy the triumph of good over evil, and also to worship Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha for prosperity, wealth, and health. This festival is believed to bring good luck and good vibes and hence, a lot of excitement and joy are attached to this auspicious occasion.

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Diwali is also referred to as “Deepawali”. The word “Deepawali” literally means burning deep or diya, which is symbolic of lighting a diya to take over the darkness with brightness. Diyas are an intricate part of the festival of Diwali. Always have been and always will be. Festivals are all about traditions and customs. Lighting a diya is a long practiced custom without which this festival cannot be expected to be complete. Why not celebrate to the fullest with a beautiful diya to experience the feel of the festival? Buy beautiful diyas from Tokenz and make your diwali extra special!


Buy Diyas For Diwali Online From Tokenz

There are a lot of essentials attached with the festival of lights that adds more appeal to this magnificent festival. The delicious Diwali sweets, the gifts, the family games! While all of these things play an equally important role in adding additional charm to the auspicious festival, one of the things that stands out the most is the Diwali Decor which binds everything together. The kind of sweets or the number of gifts may go unnoticed, but the decor used to garnish the festival of lights, and add more bling to it, can never go without getting noticed. This is why you need to get the best Diwali decor and make the occasion even more special and memorable!

While many like to dress up their homes with beautiful fairy lights, chandeliers, flower garlands, candles, and whatnot! The one ornament that has remained constant ever since the beginning of this auspicious occasion are the diyas. On the return of Lord Ram, Lord Laxman, and Goddess Sita, the subjects of the Ayodhya Kingdom took it upon themselves to light oil lit diyas as a mark of light finally ending the dark days since their true King was back to look after them. No matter what kind of home decor you might be interested in, Diyas are an integral part of the festival of Diwali and they absolutely need to be a top priority while shopping for Diwali decorations. 

In the market a number of Diyas are available in all kinds but they are not reliable or original to start with. Where you’ve worked so hard to clean up for the arrival of Goddess Laxmi, doesn’t your decor deserve unique diyas to brighten up the room? If you are wondering where you can get these one of a kind diyas, visit Tokenz and surprise yourself! Tokenz is an online store that houses an impressive collection of unique gifts and decor ideas for all occasions! Be it Diwali Gift Hampers, Brass pooja items or even Diwali decoration ideas...we’ve got them all for you! If you are truly in the search of Diwali diyas online, check out our Diwali diyas collection and buy the best diyas that will make your pujas extra special and personal this year. Buy these Diyas and Tokenz and bring a piece of conversation home today!


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Shopping in the markets, especially during the Diwali rush, can be a headache that we all could do without. The haggling, overpriced products, unreliable quality, and waste of your precious time is not how your Diwali countdown should go. We at Tokenz totally understand your position and struggles, therefore, we bring to you the exclusive option of getting your cart delivered to your doorsteps! With just a few clicks get these one of a kind reliable products delivered to you in any part of the country in no time! Experience the luxury of shopping with Tokenz and order yourself a treat today.

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