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Did you know that carrying handbags and purses reveals a lot about your personality. Bags typically carrying coins were developed to become purses. Purses and handbags have always been a great way to show your status, taste, and creativity. They can be made of leather, fabric, plastic with or without a strap. They can be further decorated with embroidery, zari, chikankari, sequence, etc. From a simple women pocket worn under skirt to modern handbags and purses, this accessory has evolved tremendously with the newfound freedom of women. It’s so right to say “Behind every great woman is a meticulously organized handbag”.

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Embellished Zari Work Clutch

Rs. 920.00

Party Wear Golden Clutch

Rs. 1,705.00

Party Wear White Motif Clutch

Rs. 1,045.00

Beautiful Zari Embroidered Clutch

Rs. 1,545.00

Bridal Zari Work Clutch

Rs. 1,545.00

Artistically Designed Clutch

Rs. 1,045.00

Gorgeous Zari Work Clutch

Rs. 1,045.00

Classic Zari Designer Clutch

Rs. 1,045.00

Stylish Ethnic Potli Bag

Rs. 600.00

Elegant Zari Work Potli Bag

Rs. 600.00

Classy White Potli Bag

Rs. 600.00

Multicolored Floral Potli Bag

Rs. 700.00


The evolution of bags and purses

Even if the earliest civilization is seen, bags and purses were practical for everyday articles or money, personal items, etc for men as well as women. 

The oldest known purse goes back to around 5000 years as a pouch worn by a man. Bags and purposes came in a variety of designs for fulfilling different purposes such as leather pouches, clasps, or a purse with long drawstrings. With the introduction of pockets around the end of the 16th century, men’s bags started disappearing and it became a domain for women mostly. 

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But with time, there has been so much growth in these accessories that there are innumerable designs, types, colours, sizes, etc. Tokenz is the one-stop you need to leave the hassle of finding the right clutch bags online, clutch purse, fancy clutches, or ethnic clutches, etc at the best price without compromising on the quality as we believe in providing the best to our customers due to which each product is handpicked from the hinterland of India to introduce you to the impeccable craft that our country possesses and to uplift the economy of our country.

Buy yourself the best purses from Tokenz

As bags and purses act as a useful accessory along with enhancing your fashion statement. Tokenz handicraft store has the best options be it an embroidered clutch bag or embroidered clutch purse, golden clutch bag or golden clutch bag online, bridal clutch bag etc such as classic zari designer clutch with multicoloured threads like lavender, pink, and bottle green, for the designs and golden threads for the border giving it an elegant look, artistically designed clutch which compliments the look of a lady or makes it look complete through the embroidery work done on a black velvet background.

Tokenz ensures that the experience of the user becomes as friendly as possible due to which each of our products like a jewellery box, khadi skincare products, perfumes or decorative photo frames etc are categorized into paintings, home and living, jewellery and accessories, food and essentials, or products related to various occasions.

Get the best quality products delivered to your doorstep

We all are aware of the scenario we have to face while shopping for accessories or any fashion items, there is so much hassle involved and the products are given barely at any discount and if discounts are given, all the old stocks are cleared.

We at Tokenz understand the importance of quality time that each one of us wants to spend in between our busy schedules and this definitely should not be the situation. So leave the job to us and get your favourite products delivered in every nook or corner of the country and even abroad in no time. Experience the luxurious face of shopping now!



What makes the range of purses different from what is provided by others?

We often find that after a few years designs on the purses often get faded or starts looking dull ruining the look of the purse, our products have zari work on them or multiple threads are used for the designs or to give it an elegant look and special emphasis is given on each component to make it everlasting or of the best quality.

How are such great quality products provided at such reasonable rates?

Tokenz is a product of innovation in the times of adversity, its main purpose is to celebrate the diversity or to breathe life into the legacies which are sadly lost with time, the gap between traditional craftspeople and customers are widening day by day due to which we are more focused on filling this gap and promoting the beauty our country possesses in each aspect, without focusing much on the business side.

Are there any delivery charges and what is the standard duration for the delivery?

There are no extra charges or delivery charges on the products delivered in any part of India however if the item is to be delivered abroad nominal delivery charges applies making it as reasonable as possible. The delivery will reach at your doorstep within 3 to 5 days if the order is placed within India and 7 to 10 days for the people living abroad.

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