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Odisha Pattachitra Paintings


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Radha Krishna Boat Riding Pattachitra Painting (11*14 Inches)

Rs. 5,300.00

Krishna's Victory Over Sheshnaag Pattachitra Painting (11*14 Inches)

Rs. 5,150.00

Blissful Radha-Krishna Pattachitra Painting (9*14 Inches)

Rs. 4,900.00

Dancing Ganesha Pattachitra Painting (11*14 Inches)

Rs. 5,450.00

Playful Krishna Pattachitra Painting (11*14 Inches)

Rs. 5,300.00

Divine Ganesha Pattachitra Painting (11*15 Inches)

Rs. 5,300.00

Krishna Lifting Govardhan Pattachitra Painting (11*14 Inches)

Rs. 5,500.00

Lord Jagannath Ravishing Painting (13*19 Inches)

Rs. 4,350.00

Alluring Krishna Boat Ride Painting (13*19 Inches)

Rs. 4,750.00

Fierce Mahakali Pattachitra Painting (13*19 Inches)

Rs. 4,200.00

Divine Lord Jagannath Painting (13*19 Inches)

Rs. 4,100.00

Divine Lord Jagannath Rathyatra Painting (13*19 Inches)

Rs. 4,150.00

The beauty of Odisha on a canvas

Pattachitra paintings or Patta painting refers to the cloth-based scroll painting of the Indian state of Odisha and West Bengal. It is popular for its intricate details of folktales or mythological narratives on was originally created for ritual use in temples of Odisha and was considered as an ancient Bengali narrative art. In Sanskrit, Pattachitra refers to cloth painting as Patta means cloth and Chitra means painting. It dates back to the 5th century. If historical evidence is to be believed, the first form of Pattachitra art was seen in the village of Puri in Odisha, where it is still popular. The artists who used to practise this were known as Mohapatra. The inspiration behind this artwork was the astounding temples or architecture of Odisha which led to creative craftsmen depicting their stories through pictorial representations in paintings.

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The artists who create these beautiful paintings are known as chitrakars who are such an expert in their line of work that they don’t require a pencil for the initial drawings, they simply draw with a brush directly. They mainly make icon paintings established on the Hindu mythology, some of the most famous amongst them were of Jagannath or the Badhia, Krishna displaying his powers as a child or known as Krishna Lila, incarnations of Lord Vishnu or Dasabatara Patti or depiction of Lord Ganesha which is known as Pancha Mukhi.

Raghurajpur which is considered as the heritage village of Odisha(Puri district)  as every single resident is a Pattachitra artist. This art form is practised from generations by the residents. Aakash Nayak who learned this art form when he was 12 or 13 years old by his father who was a Pattachitra artist himself, is considered as one of the most renowned master artisans of Pattachitra from Odisha, he has been making Pattachitra and palm leaf engravings or palm leaf paintings also known as tala Pattachitra from the last 35 years

Amazing Facts to know about Pattachitra Paintings 

Pattachitra art is considered as a disciplined form of art as it has some rules and restrictions such as a floral border or natural colours is a must with restriction of using a single tone as it helps in creating a distinct look and cannot be replicated. A well-defined posture is there of all the figures with clean and bold lines. Pattachitra is a mixture of classical and folk elements but is bent towards the folk style in a larger sense, it has slight Mughal influence in their apparel of the character or fashion sense.

The background is simple and not detailed as the main focus lies on the characters and their actions. Traditional colours like red, yellow, gree, white, orange etc are utilized to define each and every section of the painting

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How is Pattachitra made?

Pattachitra ( patta=cloth chitra=picture) is made by a traditional process, a fine cotton cloth is coated with gum ( made out of tamarind trees) and white stone powder so that it accepts colour on it.

Who is the most renowned Pattachitra master artist in Odisha?

Avakash Nayak is one of the most renowned Pattachitra master artists forms of Odisha or Raghurajpur village which is in puri district, where each house belongs to Pattachitra artisans. He was 12 or 13 years old when his father who was a Pattachitra artist himself started teaching him the craft which their ancestors have been practising from many generations

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