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Christmas Decor

Christmas defines the traditional decoration in red and white and every symbol used in decoration is filtered through the lens of faith. The Christmas tree marks the beginning of celebration and countdown to New Year. The star symbolizes the star of Bethlehem that led the three wise men to Jesus. Candy canes are the shepherd’s stick and the wreath is the crown of thorns around Jesus. While the lights represent the stars in the sky, the bells were used by shepherd to call their sheep back.


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Wishful Hamper With Chocolate & Votive Light

Rs. 2,395.00

Way To Calvary Jesus Gold Frame

Rs. 1,850.00

Tinkling Pair Of Papier Mâché Christmas Bells

Rs. 470.00

Stunning Handcrafted Papier Mâché Pair Of Christmas Bells

Rs. 375.00

Spiritual Jesus Gold Frame

Rs. 1,850.00

Rattling Pair Of Christmas Bells

Rs. 565.00

Priest Forever Jesus Gold Frame

Rs. 1,850.00

Premium Hamper With Cake, Santa Cap, Decorative, Snack & Tray

Rs. 2,845.00

Papier Mâché Christmas Decoratives Of Star & Bells

Rs. 650.00

Mary & Jesus Divine Gold Frame

Rs. 1,850.00

Joyful Hamper With Dates, Papier Mache Bell & Decorative

Rs. 1,575.00

Jingling Pair Of Christmas Bells

Rs. 375.00

Christmas - The Festival Of Joy & Hope

Christmas, the most awaited festival of the year that gives the year a well deserved joyful ending. It is the most celebrated festival across the globe that holds a unique significance in itself. Christmas is that time of the year which fills everyone with child-like excitement and hope for a better next year. It marks the birth day of Lord Jesus and the beginning of the peace and kindness that he brought for the world. It marks the beginning of better times and is celebrated because it brings with it a ray of hope that things are going to take a good turn in the end.

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Even though this auspicious occasion was initially just a traditional festival of the Christians, in today's date this holy festival is celebrated all across the territory of India with the same enthusiasm and joy. Churches across the whole country are decorated to welcome individuals who would like to demonstrate their love for God, and pray for their sins. Choirs sing the sweet carols that bounce off the walls to create a space that is truly magical in every possible sense. 

While the festival of the year is just around the corner, why not make it even more special with Tokenz!


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When one thinks about Christmas, a number of things might cross your mind, like Santa Clause, Gifts, Cookies, Christmas Movies! But the best of all is hands down the famous Christmas Decor ideas. You’d be lying if you said that it’s not the Christmas decor that really brings with it the spirit of Christmas. During any festival it is the decoration that actually sets the ambience for the festivities to begin. Similarly, to get into the feel of Christmas, 25th of December lives up to its expectations with the help of Christmas decoration and beautiful Christmas ornaments. 

It is the decor that binds together the whole room and instigates the feeling of joy and excitement during the 12 day countdown to Christmas. The fairy lights and Christmas tree are indeed guilty of setting the vibe when it comes to Christmas. Since, the Christmas Decor is a major part of the celebration of this holy festival, why compromise with the quality of the decor? When you go out in the market to explore Christmas Decor, you’ll be disappointed to find just over priced cheap quality products, that are unoriginal and repetitive at best. Christmas comes just once a year, why not go all out and get the best decor at steal worthy prices? Buy Christmas Decor gifts or Christmas photo frames to cherish beautiful moments from Tokenz and surprise your whole family with one of a kind decor!

Tokenz is an online store that houses an impressive collection of products ranging from Christmas Decor to Christmas Plum Cakes, and even Christmas Hampers! Explore and choose from Spiritual Jesus Gold Frames, or Mary and Jesus Gold Frame, to the amazing Dove with God Gold Frame, and make your Christmas decoration even more special.


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Christmas is a time that deserves a well deserved vacation spent with family while sipping hot chocolate and watching a movie in the living room. When you could have that perfect evening with your family and friends, why spend that quality time roaming around in the markets with heavy shopping bags weighing down your arms? Looks like someone made it to the good names list this Christmas because Tokenz understands the importance of being around family and friends during the  festive season too, this is why we bring to you exclusive home delivery services in any part of the country! Just place your order online with Tokenz, and get your cart delivered to you in no time. From Christmas Decor to Christmas gift ideas, explore and order them all to get it delivered to your doorsteps!

We might not slide down the Chimney like the red suit wearing old man, but we will deliver your Christmas decor to you before you even know it. Place your order at Tokenz, and enjoy the luxury shopping experience that you deserve this Christmas!


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