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Beautiful Chain Draw Stone Bracelet

Rs. 1,200.00

Graceful Labradorite Bracelet

Rs. 4,110.00

Round Cabachon Beads Bracelet

Rs. 1,440.00

Minimilastic Silver & Gold Polish Bangle

Rs. 640.00

Marvellous Aventurine Gree Bracelet

Rs. 1,400.00

Modish Double Coin Shaped Bracelet

Rs. 1,000.00

Stunning Baroque Pearls Bracelet

Rs. 1,400.00

Floral Pattern Mother of Pearl Bracelet

Rs. 1,600.00

Vogish Coin Shaped Pearl Bracelet

Rs. 1,000.00


Buy Bracelets For Women Online and Adorn Your Wrist With These Classy Designs

Jewellery is the ‘cherry on top’ for completing any outfit. For many people, an outfit is not complete until the right accessories are added. A "classic" look always includes the right accessories like pearls or other semi-precious stones. Jewellery has played an important role in the lives of humans for thousands of years. History teaches us that ancient civilisations valued jewellery and used it to enhance the natural appearance of their wearers. Various handcrafted pieces were worn to reflect protection, knowledge, grace, and riches, among other messages. Many women enjoy wearing jewellery as a sign of femininity or to demonstrate their social status. Jewellery will also boost a woman's self-esteem and make her feel more attractive.

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Jewellery has become increasingly important to modern-day women because it is an essential accessory for special occasions. It's popularity only increases with time as new styles and designs enter the marketplace. It is common, especially in a culturally rich country like India, for women to adorn themselves with beautiful and often heavy jewellery to weddings, festivals and other events. Jewellery also has an undeniable ability to bring out the best in a woman's features and personality when the right piece is worn by the right individual to the right occasion. It is widely popular among women and can make them feel beautiful, stylish, special, and confident. Of all the types of jewellery that can dress up your look, add some dazzle to any outfit, and help you express your style, bracelets are right up there. Tokenz brings to you a fab collection of unique bracelets for women that will give a much-needed spice to your everyday look. 

Order Designer Bracelets For Women From Tokenz.Com

When shopping for bracelets there are several things to consider, including when you’ll wear them, for which event and with what outfit. It’s important to have a wide range of bracelet styles in your jewellery wardrobe so you’ll be set for any day and occasion. Tokenz has come up with an elegant and varied collection of bracelets for women that will have you covered for any occasion. 

Buy the beautiful Round Cabochon Beads Bracelet which is made from Rose Quartz, also called the stone of love. Three glorious pearls surrounded with Cabochon beads give it a classy look and will surely dazzle anybody if you choose to wear it during a weekend out. Or you can go for a stunning Baroque Pearls Bracelet embellished with gorgeous Baroque pearls, that is extremely fashionable and can be set aside for occasional wear. But who said we need jewellery only for special occasions? It is equally important to feel fashionable, confident and make a subtle style statement at the workplace. After all, your everyday jewellery is what defines you. In that case, go for this minimalistic Silver and Gold Polish Bangle for a classy work look.

Tokenz Is The One-Stop To Buy Exquisite Jewellery And Accessories

If you’re someone looking to buy the perfect accessories for your jewellery collection, you have come to the right place! Tokenz offers the best and most unique designs when it comes to rings, bracelets, pendants or earrings. Buy the beautiful and elegant rings as a gift to your loved one.  Buy earrings and pendants from Tokenz with the most exquisite and unique designs. And now, the business of finding a home for all your fashionable jewellery. Buy the most enchanting and specially handcrafted Zari Jewellery Box to keep your jewellery in style. To go along perfectly with accessories and any outfit, Tokenz offers a fragrant collection of Perfumes to charm someone on a date night. Apart from jewellery, Tokenz offers a host of other handpicked products from the hinterland of India. Keep your mind and body in perfect harmony with the healthy and rejuvenating herbal tea and keep shopping from!


Q1. What do the 7 bracelets mean?

A Chakra bracelet, also known as a Chakra Natural Healing Bracelet, consists of seven multicoloured beads. Its aim is to help the human body's seven energy centres align. The 7 chakras attract energy, which allows the body's mental, metaphysical, emotional, and physical well-being to be balanced.

Q2. What are the popular bracelets?

The most popular bracelets for women are Charm bracelet, Pearls bracelet, Bangle bracelet, Beads bracelets, Shells bracelet and simple Chain bracelets, most of which you will find on in the most unique designs.

Q3. Are these bracelets sustainable?

Yes, these bracelets are sustainable, because Tokenz brings handmade products and aspires to uplift the local craftsmen and showcase this hidden and sometimes unreachable talent, creativity, and enterprise of India’s burgeoning creative economy to Indians, and the world.


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