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Is there anything more charming for a woman than a box full of glittering jewelry. The miniature treasure chest came into existence from the time women started wearing jewelry. Initially, Jewelry boxes were made for the royals and elite but due to Industrial Revolution, they’re now accessible to the masses as well. A jewelry box most artfully captures the past, present, and future of a woman’s most loved possessions. Handcrafted jewelry boxes can be made of wood or fabric with either carving, etching work on it, or embroidered and embellished beautifully.

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Beautiful Bangle Box

Rs. 525.00

Elegant Bangle Box

Rs. 525.00

Fancy Jewellery Box

Rs. 545.00

Artistic Jewellery Box

Rs. 695.00

Esthetic Bangle Box

Rs. 690.00Rs. 790.00

Intricate Designed Bangle Box

Rs. 725.00

Gorgeous Bangle Box

Rs. 690.00

Classic Jewellery Box

Rs. 475.00

Zari Bangle Box

Rs. 1,385.00

Exquisite Chain Box

Rs. 985.00

Designer Jewellery Box

Rs. 1,385.00

Creative Jewellery Box

Rs. 920.00


Elegance in elegance

Jewellery consists of precious decorative items for adornments like rings, necklaces or bracelets reflecting the status of a person. Due to which it requires an accessory for it to be stored properly reflecting the elegance of its own. If history is to be believed, jewellery was created by Neanderthal who lived in Europe than homo sapiens which was especially perforated beads which were made from small sea shells around 115,000 years ago.

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Buy yourself jewellery boxes from tokenz

Jewellery boxes can act as a great gift option as well showing affecting with the other person or strengthening bonds, leave the hassle of finding the best quality products without compromising on the quality to us as we have bought the most gorgeous range of jewellery box online or designer jewellery boxes such as fancy jewellery box adding a shine to your wardrobe as it reflects zari work on it with golden threads being used for the designs, gorgeous bangle box reflecting a simple design with golden thread and a small bead, designer jewellery box made of carotene orange thread brown thread and light green thread, and many more options to choose from the comfort of your home.

Tokenz handicraft store is the one-stop you need to order the best products ranging from food and essentials like cookies and biscotti, brownie and dry cakes, ladoos and pedas etc, home and living such as perfumes, khadi skincare products, decorative photo frames and clutch bags,  paintings like folk paintings, abstract paintings etc and products related to different occasions like Bhai Dooj, Christmas etc with each product being handpicked from the hinterland of India or the hidden streets of India to introduce you to the exquisite craft that our country possesses with artistry being passed on from generation to generation.

Get your favourite item delivered at your doorstep

Good quality or durable items of accessories take a lot of hassle to find as we are unable to find one destination where we can find all of the best products and that too in reasonable prices, well not anymore, we at tokenz understand the value of your time from your busy schedules due to which we have understood each expectation a customer has and reciprocated it into our website for the smoothest experience, get all of the items delivered right at your doorstep in every corner of the country with no delivery charges as well as abroad with our international shipping option at a minimal cost. So indulge in jewellery box online shopping or buy jewellery box online India and meet the luxurious side of shopping!


What is the ideal duration of a delivery?

If the order is from any place within India, the order will be delivered in 3 to 5 days with no shipping charges however international orders or orders from abroad will have shipping charges but we have kept it as reasonable as possible

why should we shop with tokenz instead of other sites?

Tokenz is a result of innovation which was thought in the times of adversity, we took the opportunity to promote the exclusive craft which only our country possesses or the art which is made by artisans the skills of whom are passed from one generation to generation, instead of promoting products of foreign companies or big companies which focus on profits and quantity, the traditional craft has become forgotten or has been lost with time, we share a vision to promote this area as well as the economy of the country rather than focusing on profits or the business side of it due to which each product is handpicked and each aspect of it is ensured to be of great quality.


What makes these jewellery boxes different from what is sold usually in markets?

Jewellery boxes provided by tokenz reflects beautiful zari work or intricate art of weaving with a combination of different colour of threads for the gorgeous pattern on it making it elegant and everlasting as compared to printed designs which often tend to fade away with time, ruining the whole look of the product. Each aspect of our product is ensured as we are a customer-centric platform

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