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Zari Clutches & Purses

The intricate art of weaving fine gold and silver thread when done meticulously on a clutch or purse makes it a woman’s favourite accessory. The Zari embroidery has been in existence in India since the time of Rig Veda. The versatility of this craft is seen executed on different exteriors to form exemplary outfits and accessories. Most ladies aspire to acquire a beautifully handcrafted Zari work clutch or purses to accessorize their outfits.

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Gorgeous Zari Work Clutch

Rs. 1,045.00

Artistically Designed Clutch

Rs. 1,045.00

Bridal Zari Work Clutch

Rs. 1,545.00

Beautiful Zari Embroidered Clutch

Rs. 1,545.00

Classic Zari Designer Clutch

Rs. 1,045.00

Party Wear White Motif Clutch

Rs. 1,045.00

Embellished Zari Work Clutch

Rs. 920.00

Party Wear Golden Clutch

Rs. 1,705.00


The beautiful art of zari

Zari refers to the even thread work of gold or silver which is often seen in traditional Indian garments. Zari work to make intricate designs or patterns is known as zardozi. Zari gained popularity in the Moghul era when the port of Surat was linked to the route of Meccan pilgrimage serving as a major factor for the reintroduction of this ancient craft in India. 

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Authentic zari is made from silver or gold thread which is drawn from the gold or silver alloys by flattening it with the help of equal pressure rotating rollers. In ancient times, precious metals were easily available or were available at cheap prices, only original zari thread was produced. It is used in various forms such as zardozi, mukaish, tila work or gota work. Surat is the largest producer when it comes to all types or forms of zari.

The beauty of zari on clutches and purses

The earliest known purse is around 5000 years old and was in the form of a pouch worn by otzi the iceman while the idea of clutches came during the victorian era with the reticule. With time purses and clutches along with fulfilling the purpose of simplifying our lives, has also been working as a symbol of reflecting elegance by matching or pairing it with the outfit or with beautiful design. Purses and clutches with zari work are one of the best options when it comes to the best quality purses or clutches complimenting beautifully to your look or giving a great finish to your outlook.

Tokenz provides a wide range of handbags online or clutches online such as bridal zari work clutch which is an exotically designed ivory coloured clutch bag reflecting elegance making it a perfect gift for any special occasion, beautiful zari embroidered clutch on which pattern is woven with golden zari thread, red colour beads and purple stone with the look of it makes it compliment beautifully with any Indian attire, etc

Along with beautiful clutches or purses, tokenz handicraft store provides jewellery box such as elegant bangle box with colour combinations and thread work giving it a premium look, complimenting beautifully or giving a great finish to a bridal look, skincare products, perfumes such as fascinating Sanket fragrance for men with a classic accord of musk, galbanum and lime reflecting a strong fragrance enhancing your appearance, paintings such as Odisha pattachitra paintings depicting stories of deities, food and essential products like chocolate and biscotti etc. tokenz shares a vision of reducing your hassle of finding the best quality products at the most reasonable prices all at one place from the comfort of your home delivered right at your doorstep.

Celebrate the hidden legacies with tokenz

Tokenz came as a result of innovation in the times of adversity, as our vision was to promote our economy or introduce you to the hidden legacies of our country that are found nowhere else which were affected majorly due to the crisis in 2020. Due to which each product provided is handpicked from the hinterland of India or hidden streets of India with emphasis on even the small details as we are a customer-centric platform and believe in surpassing the expectations of our customers. This being the reason, we have kept our interface user friendly by categorising our products into paintings, home and living, jewellery and accessories, food and essentials, occasions etc. our values are a key driving force to be transparent with our customers and provide them with the best without focusing on the profit aspect

We provide fast delivery with all precautions in place along with international shipping at minimal charges or reasonable prices and easy refund policy.


What makes zari purses or clutches the best option?

We often see that in normal purses or purses with the designs printed on them, the designs start to wear off in a few months negating the purpose of buying one. Purses or clutches with zari work are the most durable traditional items that you can buy which will compliment your look or fulfil your purpose in the best manner. Zari designs reflect elegance making zari handwork designer purse online or zari products a great gifting option for any special occasions as well.


What is the ideal duration of delivery and refund policy?

Tokenz provides from anywhere to anywhere fast delivery at minimal cost with the ideal duration being 3-5 days in case of domestic shipping and 7-10 days when it comes to international shipping. We provide easy refund option when replacement of the product is not available within 7-8 days. 

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