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The significance of illuminating a Diya is to welcome light and radiance in life. According to Vastu, a Diya removes darkness or negative forces and bestows auspiciousness. Brass is one of the purest forms of metal and lighting a “Brass Diya” enlightens us spiritually. The oil or ghee of the Diya represents negative energy while the wick, our ego. Hence the Diya’s light exhausts and perishes the evil within us.

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Magnificent Brass Diya With Handle

Rs. 1,150.00

Traditional Poona Brass Batti Deep (6 cm / 2.5 Inches)

Rs. 145.00

Tranquail Set Of 2 Brass Diyas

Rs. 1,584.00

Majestic Brass Amar Deep (29 cm / 12 Inches)

Rs. 3,465.00

Long Handle Kapoor Aarti Brass Diya (8 Inches)

Rs. 330.00

Gulab Aarti Wooden Handle Special Deep (10 cm / 4...

Rs. 750.00

Brass 4 Step Aarti Brass Deep (30 cm / 12...

Rs. 1,300.00

Long Handle Kapoor Aarti Brass Diya (7 Inches/18 cm)

Rs. 170.00

Divine Shankh Panch Diya

Rs. 790.00

Elegant Niranjan Brass Deep (6 cm / 2.5 Inches)

Rs. 165.00

Engraved Bangla Brass Deep (8 cm / 3 Inches)

Rs. 165.00

Divine Kamakshi Gold Brass Diya (9 cm / 3.5 Inches)

Rs. 225.00


Burn The Evil And Spread The Light Of Positivity By Lighting The Brass Diya Online With Tokenz

Earthen lamps or what we call Diya's have always been a subject of great importance when performing Indian rituals and festivities. Diya has been part of our culture since ancient times as a decoration and a source of light. This earthen lamp consumes vegetable oil, mustard oil, or desi ghee as a source to light up. Diya, with its light, aims to spread positivity and spirituality, burning all the negative vibes with its flame alongside. If we talk more about the essence and symbolization of Diya, the oil signifies all the evil traits like ego, anger, etc. The cotton or wick is the symbol of our soul. When a Diya burns and produces light, the oil is burnt by the wick. This act symbolizes a path to enlightenment while burning all the negative vibes inside us. Also, Diwali is on a new moon day, which means darkness and evil so, to drive it out, people use Diyas. If you are looking for aarti diyas, brass Deepam, brass idol Diya can be a perfect match when you want to conduct a puja.

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Transform The Entire Space Into A Spiritual Vibe With Tokenz's Collection Of Aarti Diyas Online

That was about the importance of earthen pots, and to add a cherry on the top, people use brass Diyas. Brass deepam is a perfect aarti Diya, and the reason being brass is a well-known metal for purifying negative energies, which makes it an ideal match. Tranquillity and full of serenity, brass aarti Diyas are known to create a positive environment. Another advantage of using big brass Diyas are that they are reusable and add a much-needed touch of tradition to your rituals. 

Tokenz brings you a wide range of brass Diyas online at affordable rates and in great designs. To name a few in our collection of big brass Diyas and brass Diyas online, we have majestic brass Amar deep, 4-step aarti brass deep, traditional Poona Brass Batti deep, Long Handle Kapoor Aarti Brass Diya, Elegant Niranjan Brass Deep, Auspicious Kamakshi Gold Brass Diya, and many more. Our range of petal ka Diya, brass idol Diya is so-good and reasonable that some of them are even 100 INR. You can also gift them, as aarti Diya is one thing everyone admires and uses. We use only high-quality brass, making sure this little investment goes a long way with you on your spiritual journey. 

Step Into The World Of Tranquility And Spirituality With Tokenz

Not only your brass Diyas online shopping is sorted with us, but we also offer other unique items you might need. We also have puja essentials, which are of authentic brass like your idol aarti Diyas. Apart from brass Diyas, brass idol diya online and puja essentials, we have Ganesha idols, Krishan paintings, god frames for pooja room. So for the spiritual folks out there, you can bookmark your favourite site known as Tokenz already, as we offer you the best, unique, and the most thoughtful range of products keeping in mind the essence of it. All of these heavenly items are available with just a few clicks at your home with our fast delivery options. We serve across domestic and international destinations, and you can know more about it at the time of check out.




What is the significance of a brass Diya?

Diya and brass both individually are known to purify negative energy. When both of them join forces in the form of brass Diyas, they become a power couple helping you combat evil and spread positivity around.


 Which oil can we use to light a brass Diya?

Any type of oil is suitable to light a brass Diya. Preferably you can use less viscous oils or less thick oils as they won't dull that golden finish out of your brass aarti Diya. You can use mustard oil, ghee, etc.


What are the advantages of using a brass Diya?

The positive significance goes without saying, and apart from that, brass Diyas are reusable which, also makes them economical. This durable aarti Diyas also add an extra touch of elegance and are perfect for any type of puja.

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