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Christmas Plum Cakes

The grandfather of Christmas or the Plum Cake is the rich porridge that people eat on Christmas Eve. As per custom, the rich porridge was cooked and eaten to “line the stomach” for the upcoming feast. Over the years, the porridge got evolved with more ingredients and finally took the form of the delicious Plum Cake. With a different version of the Plum cake in every corner of the world, it is by far the favorite Christmas delicacy.

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Delectable Christmas Hamper Of Plum Cake, Brownie & Truffles

Rs. 1,735.00

Premium Hamper With Cake, Santa Cap, Decorative, Snack & Tray

Rs. 2,845.00

Yummy Christmas Cashew Walnut Plum Cake With Handcrafted Papier Mâché...

Rs. 1,575.00

Gleeful Hamper With Soft Toy & Cake

Rs. 1,995.00

Tempting Plum Cake With Brownie Can

Rs. 1,465.00

Amazing Hamper With Cake, Bell, Wreath & Tray

Rs. 2,675.00

Merry Christmas Almond Walnut Plum Cake With Cheese Biscotti

Rs. 1,895.00

Luxurious Hamper With Soft Toy, Cake, Chocolate & Tray

Rs. 2,495.00

Blissful Hamper With Cake, Votive Light, Decorative, Chocolate & Tray

Rs. 2,495.00

Delicious Cashew Cherry Plum Cake with Handcrafted Papier Mâché Holy...

Rs. 2,095.00

Luscious Hamper With Cake, Decorative, Santa Cap & Tray

Rs. 2,490.00

Delicious Plum Cake

Rs. 1,000.00

This Year, Add A New Charm To The Festivities With The Traditional Christmas Plum cake

With 2020 entering the last month of the year, it is time to deck the halls with boughs of holly and get into the spirit of the favourite festival of the year- Christmas! 

While the churches have started stocking up on Christmas trees and choirs are getting ready to sing the sweet carols, Christmas is just around the corner and the excitement is just too hard to contain inside! Christmas is truly the time of joy and holy spirit that takes you on a roller coaster ride, giving the year a happy ending indeed. Even though this holy festival is an intricate part of the Christian community, over the years Christmas is celebrated in every corner of the country with utmost enthusiasm.

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Some may wish for Christmas to arrive early for the gifts it brings, others may be excited for the eggnog and hot chocolates, or the beautiful Christmas decor that makes room for a warm ambience. Among all these to die for parts of Christmas, Plum Cake is an integral part of the celebration too.

Plum Cakes - An Integral Part Of The Christmas Festivities!

The tradition of plum cakes began during the Medieval period in England, where during the weeks leading to Christmas, it was considered observing a period of fasting, and self-denial from every kind of indulgence. According to folklore and customs, a porridge was cooked with dried fruits, honey, oats, spices, and various other ingredients on Christmas eve. This dish was commonly referred to as the “Grandfather of Christmas”, or Plum Cakes.

As time passed by, more ingredients made their way into the porridge and it started to resemble the form it exists in today. This mouthwatering cake is usually baked a few weeks before Christmas, at the beginning of advent, and preserved until the final day of Christmas celebration and served upside down, garnished with dry fruits! 

It is not clear when exactly this one of a king festive dish came into existence, but in today's date it captures the essence of Christmas Eve.

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