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Living Room Paintings

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Creative Italia Coastal Seascape Painting (36*24 Inches)

36*24 (Inches)

Rs. 7,250.00

Spectrum Of Colours Abstract Painting

Rs. 6,000.00

Alluring Nature Realism Painting (24*21 Inches)

24*21 (Inches)

Rs. 4,500.00

Energized Abstract Canvas Painting

Rs. 5,000.00

Panoramic Paris Street Painting

Rs. 5,000.00

Epic Italian Coastal Seascape Painting (36*24 Inches)

36*24 (Inches)

Rs. 6,950.00

Free Spirit, Majestic Twin Horse Portrait Painting

18*24 (Inches)

Rs. 6,500.00

Banaras Ghat Canvas Painting

Rs. 4,500.00

Beauty Of Nature Landscape Painting (36*24 Inches)

36*24 (Inches)

Rs. 7,500.00

Wonderful Coastal Seascape Painting (24*21 Inches)

24*21 (Inches)

Rs. 6,200.00

Impressions Of Paris Street Painting

Rs. 4,500.00

Germination Abstract Contemporay Painting

Rs. 4,500.00


Wall Painting in Your Households

Artworks/Paintings are a way of speaking a thousand words and expressing emotions without speaking or using words. Pictures add to our house interiors, brighten up our rooms and decorate the plain walls. Paintings in a household add to the room's aesthetic appeal, but it also impacts and influences the people in the room. 

Tokenz brings you multiple gorgeous collections of handmade Indian artworks and framed paintings for your home walls, office walls or for gifting a close friend or family on any occasion. 

Paintings in Living room:

Living room of any household is the place/room where visitors visit first. It is the room that is specially prepared for the gathering and socializing of people, be it the members of the household or relatives and guests. So, undoubtedly this room’s appearance and wall art gives away the first impression of the house, the members and the ambience. 

Some ideas for creative wall paintings in the living room are-

  • Pictures that have a positive aura and exude radiant, optimistic and hopeful emotions.
  • Pictures that represent tranquillity and peacefulness, like that of natural elements, flora and fauna.
  • Tribal artworks or paintings of the villages of India and the rural and tribal people’s lifestyle. Pictures like these give the living room a majestic touch of tradition and culture of India.
  • Pictures of deities. Buy gorgeous framed miniature oil paintings of India that depict deities and mythological tales. It creates an ambience of beauty and faith in the households. 

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Buy artworks from Tokenz:

Tokenz is the Indian online one-stop-shop for the finest, authentic and quality products that are shipped all across India and internationally. Explore the exquisite collection of paintings/artworks of India, that are hand-painted by Indian artists and the range of paintings at Tokenz vary from Landscape Paintings, Fine Art Paintings, Figurative Paintings, Portraits, Miniature Paintings, Paintings done on Tussar silk, just to name a very few. The vast assortments of artworks on Tokenz have regional artworks that are gorgeous and unique in art style, Mythological Artworks, Deities and Folklore Artworks, etc. Gift your loved ones and buy from Tokenz for the most positive online shopping experience for gifts and Indian products that are authentic, handmade, and made of quality materials, all available at the best prices.


Which painting is good for the living room as per Vastu?

What we keep in our home and in front of our eyesight impacts our subconscious mind and influences us and our home environment. Let’s take a look at some simple wall painting ideas for living room according to Vastu Sastra-

  • Horses- Pictures of galloping horses in their fierce, sturdy and natural element radiates an aura of success, strength and victory. It exudes positivity and attracts attention.
  • Paintings of Nature- Artworks of flora and fauna, natural elements like water, forests, plants, sun, pathways, mountains, etc bring tranquility and serenity in the room. 
  • Deities- Paintings of Buddha or Radha Krishna or Maa Durga as a living room wall painting acts like a blanket of protection from anger and fear, giving the people in the room a sense of confidence and emotional balance.
  • Any artwork that radiates or portrays loneliness, sadness, loss or grievance, should not be placed in the walls of your house.

Which painting is the best for the bedroom?

Paintings that are appropriate for your bedroom-

  • Paintings that are aesthetically pleasing and soothing. Don’t go for pictures with negative emotions.
  • Artworks of warli paintings of couples go well in Bedrooms.
  • Mountains, to represent strength and stability. 
  • For good health, paintings of Bamboo trees or deers in the bedroom are well popular.