The festival of Rakshabandhan is equally exciting for a Kid. Kid’s Rakhis are designed with soft threads, cartoon characters, superheros, lights and caricatures to make the day delightful for them. These Rakhis capture the innocence and interests of Kids. Apart from inculcating the sibling bond through these Rakhis, Kids Rakhis makes the celebration full of fun and smiles. Sisters love to choose from a wide range of Doremon Rakhis, Chota Bheem Rakhis, Avengers Rakhis, Spiderman Rakhis, Cartoon Rakhis, Rakhis with light, Little Krishna Rakhis, Bal Hanuman Rakhis and so on.

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Funky Cool Bro Rakhi

Rs. 250.00

Cool & Funky Kid's Star Rakhi

Rs. 260.00

Mickey & Star Kid's Rakhi

Rs. 225.00

Exclusive Quotation Rakhi For Bhai

Rs. 250.00

Amazing Manchester United Rakhi For Brother

Rs. 250.00

Stylish Soccer & Beads Rakhi

Rs. 250.00

Awesome Timeclock, Beads & Pearls Rakhi

Rs. 220.00

Trendy FCB Soccer Rakhi For Brother

Rs. 250.00

Smart Chelsea Soccer Rakhi For Brother

Rs. 250.00

Funky Bicycle & Bead Work Rakhi

Rs. 220.00

Smart Liverpool Soccer Rakhi

Rs. 250.00

Adorable Cartoon & Star Rakhi

Rs. 220.00

One Colorful Thread, For The Mighty Little Protector

Whenever we think about siblings, we straight away take a trip to childhood and miss those days we spent with them. How we used to share that one ice-cream cone, how we used to watch our favorite cartoon while sipping on an orange juice or how we used to snack up from the same packet of puffs. Childhood days are the most special days to make memories and live the moment. Since you miss your childhood so much, make sure that you contribute more to your little ones or ones around you. Kids love colors. The regular beads and thread may be the most beautiful rakhi to you, but kids may not get along with them. We all want a rakhi we could personally relate to, and the same goes for the kids. So don't you think kids deserve a version of their own? 

A Perfect Rakhi, For Your Little One

You may be struggling to find and buy kids rakhi online, but we know just the corner where you will find the right choice. At Tokenz, we have a wide selection of the most colorful and designer kids rakhi online. The catalog includes superhero rakhi, cartoon characters rakhi, and so many other funky rakhis for kids! Is your child fond of a superhero? Why not give his sister a Captain America rakhi to tie him on the day of Raksha Bandhan? Once the rakhi is on his wrist, trust us, he will not think of himself less than Captain America! Or if he is a football fan, we have a rakhi for his favorite team too! Be it Manchester United or Barcelona, we have got it covered. Rakhis are not just another thread on their wrist, but it holds an emotional connect with them. 

Why At Tokenz, And Nowhere Else, You Will Find The Best Rakhis

Searching a rakhi, in general, could be very easy, but when it comes to searching rakhi for kids, the difficulty level takes a step up. But worry not, At Tokenz, you can not only find and buy cartoon rakhi for kids, but also buy dry fruits, chocolates, and so much more! What more kids will love than their favorite superhero rakhi and a box of chocolates! Why only your kids, if you have a niece/nephew, make sure to give them some love too! And if you are an aunt or uncle who lives abroad, don't worry, at Tokenz, we make sure that your hamper reaches your loved no matter where they are across the globe. Kids may forget what you gave them, Kids may also forget what you said to them, but they will always remember how you made them feel.