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The bond of Love and Care between Brother and sister - Raksha Bandhan

by Neha Agarwal on May 31, 2021

Raksha Bandhan is a famous Hindu annual rise or ceremony central to a festival of the same name and celebrated with love and joy worldwide. The importance of this festival is very much for the brother-sister’s bond, where both of them consider this day as one of the auspicious days of their lives. The most exciting part of the Raksha Bandhan is the tying of Rakhi on the brother’s wrist, and the brother, in turn, gives gifts to the sister and shows his love and affection towards her. Further, in today’s time of COVID-19, when we are not close with our family members, it is imperative to celebrate the festival in the best possible manner.

Now, this unique Hindu festival is celebrated with love and affection. The relationship between siblings is extraordinary and holds immense importance in the lives of Hindu families. The Raksha Bandhan is a combination of two words that denotes the “Bond of Protection”. Thus, it resembles the bond between the brother and sister.


The significance of Raksha Bandhan among various religions in India

  • Hinduism - Hindus primarily commemorate the event in India's northern and western regions.
  • Jainism- The Jain community also honours the event, with Jain priests bestowing ceremonial threads on adherents.
  • Sikhism- This celebration honouring brother-sister love is known among Sikhs as "Rakhardi" or Rakhi.


Reason for the celebration of the Raksha Bandhan Festival

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is considered as the symbol of duty between brother and sister. The occasion is regarded as the best occasion to showcase the love between a brother and a sister. Also, with many gifts available in the market, you can give your favorite gift to your sister and make her feel special.

Also, you can do other things like sing a song for her and make her feel special. Not only this, you can even cook her favorite food and let her know how much value she has in your life. Further, in today’s era, where most of us are busy in our own lives, we do not get enough occasions to celebrate any festival with each other. Thus, Raksha Bandhan becomes obligated and duty to show your love toward each other and value each other to the utmost.

Thus, these become some of the reasons why this festival becomes important in our lives and is celebrated with great joy and love.


How Raksha Bandhan is observed in several parts of India

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in different parts of India in various ways.


Celebrations in North Eastern Part of India - Shravan Purnima

The celebration of Rakhi in the North-Eastern, the art of India, is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. States like Tripura commemorate this day with great joy and care because most Hindus live here. As a result, the significance of this festival is much greater. In many communities, children celebrate the event by tying the holy string around their friends' wrists to symbolise their importance in their lives.


Celebrations in Western Coastal Regions of India - Nariyal Purnima

This celebration holds immense importance for the people living in coastal regions associated with their occupation. On this auspicious day, they officially begin their monsoon season, and also coconuts are offered to Lord Varuna Bhagavan - The Hindu rain God.


Celebrations in Eastern Part of India - Jhulan Purnima

Known by the name of Jhulan Yatra, in the eastern part of India, this day is celebrated with great joy and love. The celebration stays for over seven days, and everyone celebrates this festival with their full support to each other. The celebration is dedicated to their traditional God, Vaishnavas.


Celebrations in Southern Part of India - Avani Avittam

The Rakha Bandhan festival is commended as Avani Avittam in South India. On this day, the Brahmins change the heavenly string called Janeu that they wear in the wake of taking a sacred dip. With this, they take the oath to always be there for their loved ones and give them the love and support they deserve. Not only this, but the great Yajur Veda also talks about the same.


Celebrations in Central Region of India - Kajari Purnima

In the central region of India, this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm. The day marks the beginning of the season of wheat and grain. So, to commence this season, people sow seeds of the said plant and celebrate this day by keeping in mind and remembering the god of food and showering their gratitude towards the almighty.



Explore more about brother-sister bonding in stages, ways to pamper your sister on rakhi day, etc. The festival holds importance in the lives of brothers and sisters and many other beautiful relationships between people in the world. This day marks the commencement of various seasons and is celebrated in the best possible manner in multiple ways.


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