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A Brother-Sister Relationship in 7 Beautiful Stages

by Neha Agarwal on May 21, 2021

The bond between a brother and a sister is highly pure and is considered full of love and affection. Various occasions witness the purity of the bond these two have, and one such is Raksha Bandhan. On this auspicious day, they both promise to protect them and to save them in distress. But, the most exciting fact is that the relationship between a brother and sister goes through seven beautiful stages, which are worth remembering. So, here are seven different phases that they both go through-


  • Welcoming the little one

The first phase between the two is when they welcome one another when they step into this world. Often it is considered that the coming of a baby is a new feeling for the mother only. But this is not true, coming of a new member in the family is as exciting for all the members and especially for the brother if the newborn is a sister and vice versa. Thus, the first phase for both of them is fascinating as they both experience the coming of one another in this world and thus, their feeling for each other becomes stronger day by day.


  • Personal toy

Now, as soon as the little one starts responding or becomes a little longer, he/ she becomes the personal toy for the other one. The elder one carries one another from here to there in the whole room and the whole house, and thus, their bond becomes stronger day by day. They play with each other and share feelings. With this, both do not want to separate from each other at any cost. The love between brother and sister ought to grow stronger day by day. In every play, they both involve each other and thus make their living even more enjoyable.


  • Making the mess

This phase is even more interesting as they both are a bit grown-up and thus enjoy ruining things together. From painting the room walls to drawing into a sheet, and de ploughing the garden and playing hide and seek with each other, they love each other’s company. Further, we can say they as partners in crime. Thus, their bond becomes stronger day by day. After that, both of them love to annoy their mothers and want to do everything together to fight, play and do all the things together and make each other feel special and adorable.


  • Hating each other

After having each other’s back, there comes a phase where a brother and a sister start growing apart. With different needs and expectations, their preference changes and with it, their lifestyles also change a lot. As a result, they start arguing with each other and love to annoy each other by fighting or taking their items and things. For this, the mother has to step in to resolve their dispute. This is not it, though there is always a hidden love for each other, and this hatred cannot take the shape of an enemy in life.


  • Understanding their needs

After their countless fights, they finally realise their importance and understand each other's needs. Now they have crossed the age where they thought they were the most important person in the world. They know each other's feelings and respect each other's emotions and value them a lot. Now, since they both understand each other, they respect each other's feelings and thus, take the initiative and efforts to do their best to make each other's day. Further, whenever they are in distress, once steps forward and make each other feel special and caring. Not only this, they both protect them from their mother and hide their secrets, if any. Thus, it is considered to be the best time they could even have with each other. So, this period is often the best time between the two and makes them feel special and caring for each other.


  • Being together

The next phase is that since they can now understand each other better, they become inseparable. They do not want to live away from each other. This is the most emotional phase as they know each other's dreams and feelings and support them in the best possible manner. They share feelings and want, thus becomes inseparable. Furthermore, this is when they genuinely talk about each other and want to do every possible thing to make each other happy. So, makes sure that you should make every possible effort to show your love towards each other, like sending gift hampers and other essential things considered to be a token of love for each other. Have the best rakhi gifts hampers, rakhi sugarfree hampers. Send the best rakhi set for your brother.


  • Going different ways

Last but not least, the most emotional and heart touching phase is when they know that they cannot live with each other anymore. The sister has to get married and shift to another home, where he cannot go or annoy her every time he wants. The harsh reality that they must face. The separation is painful, but their love continues to deepen. But you do not have to think about anything else but only to make her feel good and loving always. Send your brother the rakhi worldwide.



So, these are seven stages in a brother and sisters life. We recommend you not hurt each other’s feelings in any manner and make both of them feel better day by day.


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