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Odisha Tussar Silk Paintings

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Expressive Ganesha Pattachitra Painting On Tussar

22.5*12 (Inches)

Rs. 1,850.00

Tree Of Life Tussar Pattachitra Painting


Rs. 1,825.00

Tree Of Life Painting On Tussar Silk

22.5*12 (Inches)

Rs. 1,750.00

Graceful Saraswati Framed Pattachitra Painting

22.5*12 (Inches)

Rs. 1,750.00

Spectacular Tree Of Life Pattachitra Painting

22.5*12 (Inches)

Rs. 1,850.00

Prosperous Tree Of Life Tussar Painting

22.5*12 (Inches)

Rs. 1,750.00

Inspiring Tree Of Life Painting

22.5*12 (Inches)

Rs. 1,950.00

Divine Jagannath Puri Pattachitra On Tussar

22.5*12 (Inches)

Rs. 1,750.00

Tree Of Life Framed Pattachitra Painting

22.5*12 (Inches

Rs. 1,850.00


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The traditional artworks and handicrafts of Odisha prove why Odisha is called the land of diverse and colourful art works, crafts and has the spirit of ancient traditional Indian culture. From the modern sand art and beautiful metal figurines to the breathtaking works of Pattachitra, Tala Patra, the ancient art of painting on palm leaves and the historic sculptures, Odisha has it all. The famous Odisha tribal paintings and Odisha tussar silk paintings are available on Tokenz at an attractive price. 

Famous Paintings and art forms of Odisha:

Some of Odisha’s famous paintings and art styles include- 

  • Patta Chitra- One of India’s most remarkable and unique art styles whose origins begin in Odisha. Traditionally, in Odisha, the subject of PattaChitra would be the journey and depiction of Lord Krisna and epic paintings done on mythological tales surrounding Him. The colors used are organic and vibrant. PattaChitra is also popularly known as Miniature Paintings.
  • Mural Painting- It is the art of painting on the surface of walls. It is one of Odisha’s most popular art forms. 
  • Tussar Patta- Somewhat similar to PattaChitra, this skinful art is done by painting motifs on silk.
  • Chitra Pothi or Tala Patra- They both are the art of painting motifs in manuscript style on Palm leaves.
  • Rock Painting- It is similar to Mural Painting and is painted on rocks, as the name suggests. This gorgeous art is found in Temples of Odisha and also in various villages and districts in Odisha where the art depicts the day-today life of the common men, festivities and ritualistic motifs.
  • Odisha Tribal art/paintings- The tribal paintings of Odisha are immensely gorgeous, indeginous and traditional in looks and methods of creating them. Tribal Paintings depict rituals, tribal deities, folklores and various elements of nature. One of the most well known tribal painting forms of Odisha is the Saura tribal painting which involves painting on the walls of their houses in Villages. Artisans all over India have created multiple figurative paintings depicting Tribal Women and tribal life in Odisha.


What is the art form of Odisha?

Odisha is a land filled with colourful art, craft and is one of the most beautiful and unique forms of culture and tradition in India. There are various art forms popular in Odisha, the most famous being the Patta Chitra, or Miniature Painting.

Famous Crafts of Odisha would include the Applique, Metalworks, Terracotta, Woodcrafts, Paper Mache etc.

Who is the famous artist of Odisha in the field of painting?

There are numerous famous artists of Odisha, a few of the greatest being-

  • Pranab Narayan Das- Excelled in various styles of Patta Chitra. He created various, gorgeous pieces of Patta Chitra artworks on Tussar silk. 
  • Dilip Kumar Maharana- His expertise in fine art painting shows through his exquisite artworks on handwoven cotton fabrics and Tussar silk canvases. 
  • Laxmi Meher- Also a talented artist who won awards for her Odisha Patta Chitra paintings and has an immense love for traditional art forms of Odisha.

These are just to name a very few of the talented artisans of Odisha who have won hearts and attracted attention with their artistic and gorgeous take on traditional Odisha art Paintings.