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Lucky Semi Precious Stone Rakhis

Circa 300million years ago when gemstones were discovered, little were they known for their beauty, rarity and durability. All gemstones have unique properties and add romanticism to the jewellery they're put in. You will be surprised to know that the original "sleeping beauty" was not awoken by a kiss but a gemstone. Most of these lucky stones have a efficacy on our nakshatras and help ward evil. These beautiful semi precious gemstone Rakhis initiate "good luck" for your brother as per their distinctive quality. From bringing in calm, strength, harmony, confidence, vitality to protecting them from evil and negative energies, they govern all with special characteristics. For your brother who's a traveller, scholar, entrepreneur, professional or from any walk of life, there is a semi precious stone Rakhi that ensures great accomplishment.

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Aptitude & Happiness Labraodorite And Black Onyx Rakhi

Rs. 730.00

Gemstones White Agate, Rhodolite & Lapis Lazuli Rakhi

Rs. 740.00

Discernment & Aptitude Stone Flourite Rakhi

Rs. 620.00

Purity Stone Green Onyx Gemstone Rakhi

Rs. 700.00

Lucky Stones Flourite, Labrodrite & Garnet Rakhi

Rs. 710.00

Good Luck Moonstone & Aquamarine Rakhi

Rs. 800.00

Stone Of Mind Tiger Eye Rakhi

Rs. 830.00

Companionship & Calming Gemstone Azurite Lapiz Rakhi

Rs. 970.00

Love Stone Rose Quartz Rakhi

Rs. 740.00

Natural Tranqualizer African Amethyst Rakhi

Rs. 720.00

New Beginnings Multicolored Moonstone Rakhi

Rs. 800.00

Happiness & Joy Sunstone Rakhi

Rs. 720.00