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Celebrated amongst the Hindu diaspora of the world, the festival of Holi is the most vibrant and colourful celebration that announces the beautiful arrival of spring. Mythological stories revolving around the festival of Holi have been revealed from the history of Satvug. Falling on the night of full moon in the month of phalghun, the festival starts with Holika Dahan signifying the story of bhakt Prahalad sitting in the bonfire on the lap of his aunt Holika and being saved by Lord Vishnu from the treachery of flames. Holi also marks the romance between the dark-skinned Krishna and fair complexioned Radha. All the rituals of the festival symbolize the burning of evil with happiness in life.

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Organic Herbal Sweet & Salty Gift Hamper

Rs. 1,595.00

Holi Rang Utsav Box & Mewabite Combo

Rs. 1,575.00

Holi Rang Utsav Box & Chocolate Combo

Rs. 1,695.00

Divivne 7 Chakras Hamper Of Gulal, Sweets & Namkeen

Rs. 2,175.00

Holi Herbal HUT Gulal & Gujiya Hamper

Rs. 1,645.00

Amora Celebration Herbal Gulal & Ferro Rocher Combo

Rs. 1,995.00

Amora Celebration Herbal Gulal & Gujiya Combo

Rs. 1,790.00

Holi Hamper Of Herbal Gulal, Chocolate, Sweets & Namkeen

Rs. 2,295.00

Herbal Holi Happiness Hamper Of Gujiya & Ferreo Rocher

Rs. 2,095.00

Colourful Pichkari Hamper Of Herbal Gulal, Chocolate & Namkeen

Rs. 2,590.00

Lavish Hamper Of Herbal Gulal, Dryfruits & Namkeen

Rs. 1,545.00

Irrestible Chocolate Dipped Gujiya With Vibrant Fragrant Silk Gulal

Rs. 650.00