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It has been scientifically proven that moods arise not only in the head but also in the abdomen. Indian food is typically influenced by religion, culture, and traditions. Food and Essentials of India date back to the origin of Ayurveda where a lot of emphases is laid on the principles of Vata (movement), Pitta (metabolism) and Kapha (structure). Unlocking a treasure of spices, millets, rice, wheat and pulses, Indian cuisine showcases the most elaborate and intricate flavours. From the distinct Muslim influence in Kashmiri food to the meatier Punjabi food, heavily spiced Rajasthani dishes, lip-smacking chenna sweets of Bengal or be it the rich aroma of cloves, cardamoms, nutmeg and pepper from the South, all this leaves an exhilarating effect on food and essentials used in our everyday lives. The modernization in the food industry has led to healthy food options in form of organic and natural foods.

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Premium Coffee Biscotti

Rs. 355.00

Mouth Watering Almond Cookies

Rs. 375.00

Divinely Tasteful Kaju Barfi (500 gms)

Rs. 1,090.00

Crunchy Pack Of Almonds (250 gms)

Rs. 400.00

Luscious Figberry & Crunchy Nutberry

Rs. 580.00

Delectable Combo Of Dryfruits Mix & Mini Suhaal

Rs. 1,200.00

Delightful Pista Roll & Potato Shreds Hamper

Rs. 660.00

Crunchy Mewa Bites Box (6 pcs)

Rs. 320.00

Exotic Chocolate Tray

Rs. 450.00

Delicious Box Of Balushahi 500g

Rs. 545.00

Mouthwatering Roasted Black Pepper Cashewnuts

Rs. 280.00

Box Of Delicious Soan Puffs (500 gms)

Rs. 515.00


Tokenz is The One Stop For All Your Food Essentials!

The culture and the foods of India go hand in hand. In Indian culture, Eating is more than just a pastime; it is a significant social ritual. Yes, that is right! Indians place a high value on family culture, so consuming meals as a family is a significant social event in which generations of the family assemble, prepare, and consume traditional meals together. Most family social gatherings happen with little effort in India because it's common for generations of a family to live under one roof, like in a joint family or at least, very nearby one-another. Another reason why the culture and foods of India are inseparable is that food is included in almost every festival, religious ritual or celebration. For example, gatherings at religious temples, or aartis, often conclude with delicious Indian food being served to all those present to symbolize unity and a greater sense of a family. Another example of a ritual where food is served is an Indian wedding, which is again a big deal in Indian culture and a fancy occasion where food is of utmost importance. All in all, you can say that we Indians don't take food lightly, and delicious food of various kinds is an important part of our daily life. From North India to South and from the Seven Sisters of the East to the West, India has one of the most versatile food cuisines in any country of the world and there are a plethora of dishes and tastes to choose from. If you are a certified ‘foodie’ too and are looking for food items online, has the most delicious range of food essentials that will make your mouth water.

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Buy Mouth-Watering Delicacies From The Comfort Of Your Home

Reports and surveys suggest that throughout the pandemic, the online purchase of food products has skyrocketed and this trend is here to stay because it is convenient for people to buy food essentials online rather than take the risk of going out and standing in line at the shopping cart. It saves time too. If you are looking to buy food products online in India, Tokenz offers exclusive food items that are tasty as well as nutritious. Try out the collection of extremely healthy herbal teas and your body will thank you in the future. To complete your food products online shopping you can buy healthy exotic fig berry, awesome Karachi halwa box, crunchy, delicious nutberry, and mouth-watering mini mathri and Bikaner bhujia. Tokenz is the one-stop for all your food essentials, from delicious snacks and tidbits to ghee-filled sweets and nutrient-rich dry fruits. This festive season, gift someone a box of their favourite soan papdi or chikkis along with crunchy mewa dal moth and brighten up their day! If you have got kids in your house, they are sure to be happy with the delectable laddoos of various kinds available at Tokenz. Buy their favourite Kesar peda, Mathura peda that you can also gift your relatives.

Buy Tasty And Nutritious Food Items Online At

Tokenz offers a range of food products so delicious, you won’t be able to scroll through them without adding at least a few to your basket. Try these sweet mewa bites made of crunchy and rich dry fruits that can be enjoyed all year long for any occasion. Buy the healthy and rejuvenating green and herbal tea hampers and calm your mind and body in these stress-prone times. If you are a fan of sweet baked products, try the delicious and crispy cookies and biscotti, which are a must-try if you haven’t tasted them yet! These are double-baked cookies that are crispy and contain very little moisture and can be stored for a long time. Any occasion is incomplete without sweets and hence we bring to you softly and flavoursome brownie and dry cakes filled with chocolate, cashews and walnuts. These are extremely popular during the time of Christmas but the mouth-watering desserts can be devoured all year long! Coming to some nutritious food items, you can also buy healthy dry fruits from Tokenz. You just name it, and we have got it! From black pepper cashew, nutritious dates and pistachio to black raisins and dried apricots, we have got a great deal of healthy snacking options for you! But other than food items, Tokenz has a lot of other products to offer. Keep your skin healthy with the Khadi skincare products that are organic with no added chemicals that harm your skin. For the all-round health of your body, we offer Khadi healthcare products like neem churna, healthy kadha and many more. So check out these amazing products right now on


Q1. Is it safe to buy food products online?

It is safe to buy food products online as long as proper safety precautions are followed by both parties and the food is packaged properly. In fact, since the pandemic, online shopping of food products has increased many folds. You must check the safety details and precautions followed by the seller from which you are buying food products.


Q2. What are the advantages of online food essentials?

Shopping online for food essentials is convenient for both the seller as well as the consumer. You don’t have to step out of the house repeatedly and put yourself at risk and it saves valuable time whereas the seller gets to reach a larger number of consumers when he decides to market his product online.


Q3. What are the benefits of food items for online delivery?

Online food item delivery has its advantages. You can browse through a wider range of products than what you could have gotten locally, you are exposed to various sales and discounts which further benefits you. You can avoid the line and shop from the comfort of your home while wearing your pyjamas!

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